Stop limiting your greatness.

When we are children we ha imagination with no limits. As children we believe we can fly and do everything in our power to make it happen. That beautiful spark of possibility is what brings us joy in the presence of children.

As life goes on limitations are created by society, family and loved ones. The limitations are not all done in the order to bring you harm, but instead to keep you “safe”, help you “fit in” and make you a valuable asset to society. Another affect these limitations have is the ability to dim our lights and make us stop believing in the impossible.

Check in… Is there anything in your life that you have dreamed about doing, but limit yourself? Is there any small step that you can take right now that can help you obtain that goal? Are the limits truly yours or was it something instilled in you as a child? Do you feel you can make that impossible a possible?

Don’t give up on your dreams! Try, make that impossible into your great….I’m Possible!

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