A Wish

To wish for something to happen in your life will not bring that to you. The reality is, that the life you have is based on the thoughts that are running through your mind. You have been programmed by your childhood, society and your environment to see yourself in a box and it becomes difficult to see yourself outside of it.

If you have a wish to manifest something you must reenforces that desire by action. In preforming an action in order to obtain a goal, you are reprogramming yourself. The reprogramming process is important. You start to open yourself up to the opportunities that are being offered and allowing that wish to take form.

Your wishlist can include a partner, financial security, an improvement of your physical health, all of which are valid but require action. Wanting a partner but refusing to go outside or talk to people, is not a true desire. Wanting to feel financial security, then going out for a shopping spree, is a far cry from financial stability. Desiring good health but not wanting to stop eating the donuts, shows the universe your really not what you say you do.

Put your money where your mouth is. Follow through with the wish that rolls out of your tongue.

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