Te reality is that there are millions of healing modalities out there. Many of these modalities have been around thousands of years. In the western world we have casted out all these healing modalities considering them to be foolish and ineffective.

As the collective has been expanding their knowledge, they are opening the door for the resurgence of the old modalities of healing. The fact that a holistic approach to healing is being accepted by a large part of the western mindset, is amazing! The progress is slow moving though, many are against the shift.

For many, the thousand year old healing modalities are considered “new age”, taboo and something you do behind closed doors. It is not ok to tell others of your new journey into healing. If for some reason your experiences “come out of the closet” you find yourself denying it or expressing how you still believe more on western medicine.

This need to be part of the group and follow societal norms actually slow the progression of healing. It plants doubts and allows for your ego to deny your change. Others thoughts and beliefs have more strength that your own beliefs.

Check in. Believe the changes you are making are for your good and open the door to your expansion.

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