Please notice the images above. The two of the top hold the same pose, as do the ones in the bottom. I feel strongly that they are showing you how you can link the spiritual to the physical.

To have more passion you must start by looking in the mirror. You must treat your body like a palace. Take care of yourself physically, do something that will make you feel special. Listen to music and dance like no one is watching. You deserve it! Light the flame of passion in your life and burn away all the fears and blocks that have been holding you back this week.

To align your chakras you must realize that you don’t need anyone outside of yourself to fix you. You shine like gold! Let others see the beauty and strength you have within you. You have the strength within you to overcome anything. You don’t need anyone to be complete. This is very important, make sure that any relationship you have is because you are mutually growing and expanding, not because you lean on them to feel stable. That is having alignment in your energy centers.

Do you, work on you, find yourself and feel the strength that comes from that.

Sending you light and love…. Zaida Velgara

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