Wow, today you are extremely divided with the message of disruption.  This card is expressing a feeling of being pulled in too many directions.  You are unsure what you should focus your mind on because there are too many things happening at once.  You are in a state of chaos.  Know that states of chaos are a spotlight for you to know what is not working in your life right now.  You have accepted many things into your life that goes against your inner truth.  You are being asked to check in to your inner self to see what you need to release.

16 is telling you to change the choices that are making you feel chaotic.  Choose things that light you up and bring you joy.  Its time to move away from the choices that have you where you are. 

A fairy decided to enter the reading for today. You are being told to transform your life.  Fairies are well known for the mischievous things that do to the humans, creating chaos.  The chaos is pointing you in the direction of transformation, it’s time for change.   

Today’s message comes from Tony Robbins

If you can’t, you must. And if you must, you can.

This is just a reminder that can’t is a word you created and a word you can change.  The walls and blocks in your life are created by you.  When will you decide to release them?

May this message fill you with light. 

Zaida Velgara From Becoming I Am