Good intentions

The world is full of good intentions. We, at times, wish to help and save others. We might see someone going in the wrong path and speak out to help them avoid the fall. The thing is, not everyone wants the advice. Some might find it offensive because they are so engulfed in a situation they can’t see any other points of view.

One of the hardest lessons we learn, in this reality, is the ability to remain silent. If people do not want to listen, we have to be willing to walk away. We have to be willing to let them learn, even if it will cause pain. Everyone has a choise, even the choice to make mistakes.

To learn to remain silent and at times walk away, is to evolve. We learn that we cannot take away someone’s right to chose. We learn that we are only responsible for our own actions and reactions. We learn that we can walk away. The others learn the consequences of their actions and decisions. They learn the value of seeing things in a different perspective. They learn when to follow their instincts and when to listen to sound advice.

Start learning the power of silence. The power of choice. The power to walk away. Not everyone is ready for your truth. Value yourself enough  to know it’s not worth fighting for people that are not willing to fight for themselves. 

As always I send you peace and love.. Zaida Velgara from Becoming I Am

Buenas!!! Se que hace mucho tiempo pero decidí empezar las videos en vivo. Voy usar un nuevo programa🤞 y el vivo sera en Facebook y mi canal de YouTube al mismo tiempo😳. Empezaré por darles una leida de cartas mini a todos los signos zodiacales y luego le dare la oportunidad de hacer preguntas de GRATIS!! Esto sera el Jueves 30 de Septiembre a la 6pm hora central. Espero “verlos” allí, hasta pronto!

So it has been a while… I feel like it is time. I will be trying the new program I got to do my lives. 🤞Why not do it for October. During my live today September 28 at 6pm central time. I will go through and pull cards for all the signs (a mini) then if you might have a question I can do a card pull to answer the question. It’s FREE, just write your question and I will answer it. Let’s see how it goes. #becoming_i_am #zaidavelgara #elgin #ElginIL #live #livestream #answers #answeringquestions #october #allsigns #zodiac #today #facebook #youtube #try

Fell upon a song that called to me…

I have to say…at times we make mistakes, make agreements that do not serve us, walk away from our true selves…but…it was the right thing to do at the time. Why? It made me…

Fell upon this song and it resonates with my view of my mistakes. I give a SHOUT OUT to the old me, without her I would never become me.

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