Don’t give away your blessings

As a healer and way shower, I have learned the hard way that you should not help everyone. When you become a strong light you attract the broken, but also the ones placed on this realm to block, deceive and derail.

Part of becoming awakened is to learn how to discern between the ones who really need help and those that are just pretending. To help those that really don’t deserve it help, is to enable people to continue to spread pain, sorrow and death.

Don’t give away your blessings in order to help someone who does not deserve help. This world is full of energies and beings of all kinds. Some are hear to learn lessons, others to learn and others to watch. Due to the free will present in this realm, it is acceptable to transfer karmic debt if both parties agree. The thing is that those with the debt are more aware of what they must due to release themselves. These individuals pray on kind hearted people that believe they are made to help through sacrifice.

The reality is that evil really does exist. There is more to this world than what we see. The spiritual world is alive and active. Those who choose to ignore it set themselves up to be a puppet it someone else’s game.

Remember, that God sends us protection and strength. We are the light present in the world. The guidance that we receive from source is truth and to listen is to save yourself from harm. As always I send you all live and light, stay bright. Zaida Velgara from Becoming I Am

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