I was at the Farmer’s market yesterday and it rained so hard it was crazy. The first time I went I had so many people I could barely think straight. This time people showed up but not many at all. I saw so many people pick up to leave within an hour or two because the rain came down so hard. I even got asked by another vendor if I would stay. I smiled and said “This is mommy’s day off. If I leave and go home I work.” I decided to post fun reels on my IG and get some other things done while I was there. I didn’t realize how many people actually watch my reels, the number of subscribed I have is really not that high. Well people came. They came for the reading and supported all the local vendors that had been in the rain there with me.

I felt blessed and loved by all those that came. It actually makes me well up with emotions to know that the universe has by back. I put out the message and all the powers that be made sure that the right people saw it. The right people because they did not only bless me but also so many families through the purchases they made to all the other vendors.

See, this is what people mean when they say that the lord works in mysterious ways. One reel made the day to so many in a rainy day. One person looking at an unfortunate situation as a nice break, made so many peoples day. I guess that’s what they mean when they say “you never know what a little action you take changes everything.”

Never give up on you and your dreams. Zaida Velgara sending you ☮️🥰