Found this image and started to think about my path into the spiritual. Thorough out my life I have had chronic pain in almost every part in this list. I would go to doctors (not to say I do not like them) and they didn’t find anything wrong with me. It was my job to find how to heal my spirit so that these pains would leave me.

The reality is that when there is not a physical reason for what ails you, it is mental and spiritual. No amount of surgery or pain killer will help. Though I can tell you they take the edge off so you can heal without focusing in the pain.

What I have learned is that if we stoped separating metaphysical healing and science healing and learned to merge them we would have a better and more affective way to create whole healing. In healing the whole the treatments would be longer lasting and resulting in a better cure.

If you have never tried energy healing I would recommend opening the door to something that can help when medical science tells you there is “nothing wrong.”

Love and light Zaida Velgara from Becoming I Am