Distance Healing, spiritual coaching and psychic guidance

Have you been feeling divided, emotionally distraught, physically drained and no form of modern medicine is helping you feel better?

It is time to be the spiritual warrior you truly are. We are not just this physical and mental form.  The power of the mind and taking care of the physical body can only take you so far.  The spiritual self is real and strong. Psychic attacks, known and unknown can hinder all parts of your life. You can change your reality and make your life the one you are supposed to have.

If you are ready to open the door to your true self.  If you are ready to heal and become the spiritual fighter, you know you are. If you are ready to take control of your life.  Book a distance healing today.

After booking this distance healing you will receive a confirmation email from Becoming I Am.  After you receive this email, a time will be informed of when the healing will be taking place so that you can be relaxed and in peace to receive the entire benefits of it.  After the healing you will receive an email of everything that was found.  How you can help yourself continue the healing. Psychic advice and guidance from the spiritual realm.

For a limited time this is on SALE $80usd $40usd

Availability is limited.

Home Protection Ornament Class

Psychic interference in our lives is real.  The effects of it can be as simple as fumbling through your day all the way to sickness and financial stress. At Becoming I Am we are offering an in-person class for you to learn how to create protection ornaments that will help shield your home from psychic attacks.

During this class you will receive a tool kit with all the materials required to create the protection ornament.  There will be a class to allow you to understand how it works, why you need it, what is in it and information of how to activate or charge the ornament.

We will finalize the class with a ritual performed by all who attend and the preparation of the ornament in class.  Be part of this activation of your gifts and knowledge.  Learn how to protect your home spiritually.  Take back your power. Sign up today.

Sign up today, space is limited…

August 12 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm CDT


Group Healing Transformative Class!!

In this group healing you will be experiencing a group setting where all shall take part of a guided hypnosis followed by energy healing.  This life transforming experience takes you to a meditative journey in which you unlock your energy centers and amplify the healing effects.

Along with the 4 healing sessions, you will have exclusive access to 30 days’ worth of activities to help you continue your healing experience.  Space will be limited. Hurry and sign up for this amazing experience and take charge of your spiritual growth.

August 17 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm CDT


hands touching the tarot cards on the table

One question tarot answer

Do you have one question? Something you need advice or clarity on. Here is a way to get your answer.

When you purchase this, you will receive an email to get more information from you as to what you need to know.  Within 24 to 48 hrs of your response you will receive an email with the images of the cards that were pulled for your question and the intuitive guidance given to answer the question.

Get your answers today.