Have you been feeling off lately? I can tell you that the start of the retrograde on the 9th followed by the full moon was hard. It created a mayor shift in my field that made me just feel sluggish on the 11th. At times it is hard to believe that planets can affect your everyday life. The reality is that it does.

Planets create magnetic pulls. The farther or closer each planet comes to each other create a shift in the overall earth’s matrix. This matrix, which is composed of magneticfields, affects everything from weather, animal behaviors, your overall biology and mood. Crazy to think something so far away can play such a crucial role to your reality.

Well, that is why this post is so important. To have so many planets going retrograde means that there is going to be a mayor shift in your reality. It is possible that your technology might go crazy. You might be drawn to eat different or feel the need to drink more water. All of them are valid calls to movement and action. For others it is a calling from within to expose things that you have been pushing in. You might of swallowed down some pain or hid your true feelings about something. Don’t ignore the calling for you to bring it to the forefront and get clarity. This is an important way to evolve your spirit and move forward.

I send you all a lot of love. This is difficult but good. You got this. ZaidaVelgara Becoming I Am