It is true. Emotions are important. They are made to be felt, understood and expressed. There is nothing wrong with being a strongly emotional being. The trouble begins when we do not let them go. When we believe that we need to process those emotions until we define ourselves or our reality within them. If we identify with the emotions, we do not want to let them go. To let them go is lose our identity. This pattern is what keeps us stuck in a karmic mental loop. A spider web made by us for us. It was not anyones fault but our own.

We can see this in all parts of our lives; Gender identity, financial identity, social identity. All can be made stuck, due to an idea or thought process we connect to a strong emotion and turn it in to an achor to our negative thought. That is black magic. That is generational curses. That is self sabotaging.

This is using the power within you as a bullet to your head instead as wings on your back so you can fly. If you did the same but instead focused on a positive emotion a positive outcome, instead of it becoming an ancor it would be the way to set you free.

Life is a choice. It’s a lesson and though many of us are our there to help guide we are not there to hold your hand through it. It wouldn’t be a lesson if someone is doing it for you. Thought of the day, peace and love, Zaida Velgara Becoming I Am

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