Acquiring is not the same as learning.

I have noticed, how many people love learning. They like acquiring knowledge, hording it even. See the reason I say hording is because many do nothing with the knowledge. The teaching was just a pin they hang proudly on their chest. An ornaments of their grandure.

Knowledge and even spirituality in unhealed hearts becomes a race. I need to have more than another. I had done a video about how the demon that attacks the crown chakra is the one of pride. Pride does not allow for learning, because it already knows. It is said that those with the heart of a child can see the face of God. Have you ever wondered why that is?

Yesterday, as I sat seeing Kung Fu Panda 2 with my boys, I just sat and smiled. The writers of these movies had so much mastery. The panda, which is already the Dragon Warrior, is always awe struck at all those with abilities. Everyone is amazing. This would make others think that he is a nieve fool, but it takes a fool to take a leap of faith. It takes a fool to learn and be maleable to how the universe teaches. It takes a fool to venture out into the unknown just because of a call in the darkness.

So next time you are tempted to take another class. Ask yourself why? Have you really taken the time to really understanding and use the information you already have. Remember, sometimes more is just more and has no real value.

Those with eyes to see will see. All with ears to hear will here. Allow this seed to be planted in fertile soil. Zaida Velgara Becoming I Am

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