The cross of choice By:Zaida Velgara

One of the most significant gifts we are given is our free will. Free will is the ability to create a mental decision and follow that mindset through. These choices are a superpower given to us by our creative force. This superpower was bestowed upon us because we have evolved and grown enough to be entrusted with wielding it correctly. To explain it another way, you wouldn’t give a 2-year-old a knife to cut up food because they might hurt themselves. On the other hand, a knife is given to an adult, believing that they would know how to use it and the consequences behind its use.

The cross of choice is what holds us back from acting, not because of the choice or a lack of will but because of the external backlash in response to it. Like Jesus, we are also made to carry a cross and get wiped and beaten down by our choices. The fear of that cross freezes us from becoming the most excellent version of ourselves. It wasn’t until Jesus carried that cross through to the end that he was able to end the role he played as a servant and became the star of his story. No longer a pawn, now an actual player.

Knowing that standing behind your choices will make you victorious in life should be reason enough to go for it. Why is it that so few decide to do it? Fear of judgment, of getting beat down, and even of death. To be your true self is to own the fact that you exist on the margins of society. You become a taboo, the person whom others whisper about and even fear. You lose friends, family, everything that makes you, you. You lose yourself, or at least the self you have been conditioned to believe you are. 

Why am I talking about this? In my practice, it pains me to see how many acquire illnesses due to the cross they carry. The choices weigh so heavily on them because they are not accepted as a norm of society. The false mask they wear over time creates cancer, eating them up internally so that they can fit into a role. When did the community become so toxic and hazardous for our health? All people need is compassion, a person to tell them that their choices are the right ones. No judgment, but a person that can see them, hear them, and understand their pain and the weight of their cross.   

The most challenging choices become the lessons that evolve us mentally, physically, and emotionally. One of the hardest lessons is knowing when we have grown out of our role in society. To choose to evolve no matter the cost. To allow a part of us to die for our true selves to rise from the remains. We owe ourselves the chance to become.

Those with ears to hear will hear and Eyes to see will see. Zaida Velgara Becoming I Am

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