Meditation Groups

Join our limited Small Group Meditation sessions, exploring energetic healing and connection with our inner selves for better understanding of ourselves and our energy, at a first come first serve basis.

Space is limited. Thank you for the blessings you are demonstrating via the expansion of this meditation group.



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Empathic Ear

The empathic ear provided by Becoming I am a small listening session that can be done in person, over the phone or via video conference where you are able to talk and have someone listen.
reiki energy healing children

Children's Angelic Reiki Energy Healing

Relax and balance your child's energy with Angelic Reiki healing, a 1-hour angelic energy and reiki to release strong stress, trauma, poor self-esteem, blockages, or physical ailments
1 hour
past life regression

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Experience QHHT®, a hypnotherapy service that uses a deep level of hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and connect with the higher self or soul.
4 hours
Tarot Card Reading

Angelic Tarot Reading In-Person

Gain insight and find peace with Zaida's Angelic card reading sessions to guide individuals seeking answers and direction in their lives.
1 hour
adult reiki energy healing

Adult Angelic Reiki Energy Healing

Experience the transformative power of Angelic Reiki healing 2-hour session.
2 hours