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Today’s card is the Never-Ending Story, but in reverse.  This card is telling you to avoid all the drama around you at all cost.  You are told to stay away from the people and the situations that lower your frequency and bring you down.  Why?  This is a pivotal point in the time of your transformation.  If during this time in your chrysalis, you surround yourself by low frequency individuals or situations, you run the risk of creating the same cycles and patterns that put you in the bad state you were in.  To change the chapter, you have to decide to turn the page. (By Zaida Velgara)

This is card number 37. The angel message for number 37 is that you are being surrounded by things to create the life you have always wanted.  Accept the help and change.  Be the hero of your own story and save yourself from walking into a big mistake.  Listen to your inner guidance.

The charm is a boat’s wheel.  This charm can be taken quite literally.  Take the wheel and turn it in the direction that your truly want, not the one that have the people and the situations you are used to.  At times, our need for routine is the very thing that holds us back. 

Hope this helps, ‘till the next time,

Zaida Velgara From Becoming I Am

If you would prefer to hear the explanation, click on the video below.

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