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Clean It up!!  The card today is telling you it’s time to start to clean house.  Get rid of the things that no longer serve you.  Why keep clothes that don’t fit? What do you have that old junk for, I mean do you even use it?  Why keep people around that make you feel small? Why not look for a way out of a situation instead of going down with a sinking ship?  At times we keep things because we become emotionally attached to them.  Allowing the emotions of lack, fear and doubt to control us.  That’s your ego, it’s not the true you.  The true you is aligned to universal love and joy.  If it doesn’t do anything but trigger ego response… clean it up and throw it out.  

This is card 21 which has a beautiful message from the divine realm. You are being inspired to action.  Your connection to source is pushing you to move forward, releasing what has had you held back for so long.

The charm for today is an anchor with a rope. Wow, it’s crazy how all the messages start to line up perfectly.  What makes you feel tied down and unable to move?  What anchors you to the ground when all you want to do is fly?  Everything in this life is about choice.  Everything in this world is about will.  What is your choice?  Where will you assert your will?  Make the choices that lift you up.  Follow people that fill you with you. Choose life!  Or don’t, really, it’s up to you.

Hopes this reaches you well, ‘till the next time,

Zaida Velgara From Becoming I Am

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