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Look at you in this wonder Page of Wand mode.  It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and have some fun.  The fire of adventure is sparked, don’t dim it out.  Times like this are prefect to try the things you have always been to scared to try.  Go for it!  Sing, dance, hang out with people you never thought you would!  It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you could possibly mess things up but at least you tried.  These creative sparks of life activate the inner child and bring back the magic you thought you have lost.  Don’t let your logical or ego mind stop you from just having a little fun.

This card does not have a number but I randomly chose a quote for you.

Where is that inner child that used to love life so much?  It’s time to reconnect.  Happiness and success depend on the child that you still carry within.  -Roxanna Jones

Today’s charm is a starfish.  This is all about renewal and regeneration.  When you are recreating yourself it’s important to remember that the best version of you is the one that includes your true self.  The serious, fun, weird, strict, crazy, whole you!

Hope this helps today, ‘Till the next one

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