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The world, what a perfect card to get today.  A feeling of being protected and secure in a circle of completion.  For some this is the completion of a hard cycle and for others is the mark of the finish line.  You made it, the hard work has paid off and now you enter a time of peace.  Give yourself some much-needed love because he kept going until the end.

This is card number 21 which speaks of your strong connection to universal intelligence.  When a cycle in your life end, there is a period of quiet meditation.  You can look back and see the lessons you have learned and the next steps you might want to take. Listen to the guidance you are intuitively receiving.  It is for your highest good.

The charm that came out for you today what the Pisces symbol. For those of you that are this sign, this message is especially strong for you.  For the rest of you that might not be the sign of Pisces this is a call to balance.  The symbol of Pisces are two fish forming a circle.  It is meant to be a symbol that represents the Ying and the yang.  Being able to see the spiritual and the material, the logical and the imaginary, the neutrality in all situations.  Having that type of mindset is the reason you have completed this cycle and the way to move forward in the future.

Hope this helps you for the day, till next time,

Zaida Velgara from Becoming I Am

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