Meditation Healing Classes

Sorry for the upsetting news, but we have to look out for everyone’s well being. At Becoming I Am, we care deeply for all of you and wish for you all to be safe and healthy.
When we get back to a phase 2 or even a 1 we are hoping to start again.
Sending you a lot of love during this holiday season.
Zaida Velgara
  • Every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00-8:00pm CT
  • Live in person group that are limited due to the pandemic
  • Masks are required at all times during group
  • Becoming I Am
    964 Elizabeth Street, Elgin, IL
  • For more information about dates and time you can visit Facebook Events or the ticket selling site just visit link below.

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Find a group of likeminded people to share and grow spiritually.  The meditation and healing classes is a combination of meditation and the healing modalities available at Becoming I Am. These meditation groups involves the use of all your senses.  Sound therapy, aromatherapy, healing stones, copper rings and a guided meditation; all in order to help elevate the spirit removing all blocks to allow you to release, center and find balance.

The meditation classes can involve learning how to work through the Akashic Records, healing energy centers and even finding a connection with the guides that are to help you in your life here and now.