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Home Reiki Angelic Clearing

A Reiki Angelic Clearing of the Home is for anyone that feels that their home is no longer a sanctuary.

At times we change the energy of our home, when we inadvertently enter objects or people into them that do not have the correct frequency. There are also times in which homes have stagnant energy of people who lived there or of things that have happened in your home.

It is important to understand that everything is made of energy. Like ripples that form when water is disturbed, so does the energy flow and change all that is around it. 

When performing a home clearing the owners or people who live in the home have to be present and walk through the home with the healer. Incents will be used to “sage “the home with the aromas that are used to attract positive white light.  Black Salts and charged stones are left in all room that is walked through, to insure that a barrier is made to protect the home and to continue to absorb anything residual energy.       

This is not for those who are afraid and do not know there inner power.  Some of the stagnant energy is very resistant and want to continue reside where it is comfortable. 

The stones stay in your home and instructions will be given to care for them and help them continue to do their work. 

It is important to note that at time things can become worse, before they become better.  Also results may vary.

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