Reiki Angelic Healing is a combination created to utilize the benefits of both healing methodologies. In combining these two healing formulations the angelic energy infuses the reiki symbols to help align the energy transfer to that of Source. The angels serve as guides to the healer, helping identify blocks and stagnated energy allowing for the treatment to dissolve them. The healing process does not end with the initial session; instead the healing continues to work through the body for 30 days. During these 30 days, the energy infused into the cells open new venues for the Source energy to be absorbed throughout the body. An effect of the initial visit is a sensation of calm, which falls throughout the body, allowing a release of tensions and anxieties. Many studies have been conducted to define the correlation of stress, tension and anxiety to overall health. When we carry these factors within us, we allow for pathogens to come in introducing disease. Balance, harmony and grounding befall the physical body allowing for the healing to take place.