Mirror Box for Protection


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A mirror box is created to shield from any form of spiritual attacks.  It is a form of reflective magic.  The negative intent sent toward the person the mirror box is made for will bounce off the things located in the mirror box and returned to the person sending it.  It is important to state that the intention is to deflect attacks that were not warranted or owed by the recipient.  It will not deflect or prevent Karmic payment.

When ordering a mirror box and email will be sent as to the confirmation of the order.  Sed email will request the full name, D/O/B and location of the person.  The mirror box will be made and mailed to you with the information that was channeled when making the box.  You then hide the box somewhere in your home where no one will see or touch it.  It is advised to make sure no one is aware that you even have a mirror box.  If you have questions, please contact me.

No returns are made after the purchase. Please see policies for any questions.