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Our Brick and Mortar is OPEN By Appointment Only

I thank all of you for your patience during this pandemic. I have decided to reopen for those that would like a healing, hypnosis or a live card reading session with some safety precautions. First, we have extended the time between appointments to allow for cleaning. Second, we will be requiring masks in order to receive service. Third, we are only allowing the client to come to the appointment in order to allow for the least amount of exposure. As always, I hope we cross paths and that we both are better for it.

Angelic Reiki Healing2 hour session$160.00     usd
 2 separate sessions$432.00     usd
 6 separate sessions$768.00      usd
 12 separate sessions$1,344.00  usd
 Youth & teen 1 hour 15 minutes$80.00        usd
  QHHT Hypnotherapy  4 hours 30 minutes$250.00      usd
  Tarot Card Reading  
 Live 30 minute$65.00        usd
 Live 1 hour$128.00      usd
 Zoom 30 minute$65.00        usd
 Zoom 1 hour$128.00      usd
 You Tube Video Link 30 minute$45.00        usd

Contact information Phone: (847)347-1154 Email: