Adult Angelic Reiki Energy Healing
adult reiki energy healing

Our Angelic Reiki Healing service is a unique combination of Angelic healing and Usui’s Reiki, designed to amplify the transfer of healing energy to our clients. Zaida Velgara has used her skills in channeling angelic energy and her certifications as advanced angelic healing and Usui’s reiki master to create a complete and fulfilling healing experience.

During the process, all senses of the body are activated, and various methodologies such as healing stones, aromatherapy, sound therapy, tarot cards, and tuning forks are used to provide balance, harmony, and stability to your energy matrix. The session lasts approximately 2 hours, and you will be asked to remove your shoes and wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.

Angelic Reiki Healing is ideal for anyone who has experienced strong stress, trauma, poor self-esteem, blockages, or physical ailments. The service facilitates total restoration and enables the body to heal itself by stabilizing all aspects of the human body. We recommend that you do not take any medication not prescribed by your doctor and not consume alcohol at least 24 hours before the appointment. Book your appointment today to experience the power of Angelic Reiki Healing and unlock your full potential.

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Adult Angelic Reiki Energy Healing
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