Today’s Message

This week is turning out to be a big evolutionary and transformative time. Adventures and release is asking you to embrace the unknown and let go of fear and expectations. In order to align to source and universal energy, is to allow life to bloom in the way and the time that it needs to. We all have dreams, aspirations and visions as to what we want to become and what we would like to obtain in our lives. To live a life of adventure is to take a chance on the unknown in order to reach your ambitions. Our lives don’t usually go in a straight line, if you release you perception of time or you allow room for change, you are giving creation the power to expand opportunities for something better.

The 2 of rods is letting you know to keep your eyes open to the opportunities the world has to offer. Your future is bright and there is always time for a new beginning. Try not to limit yourself, release your perception of what is too old or too young. We all have free will. Those who live their dreams, do so by releasing judgements and defeatist perceptions. You choose if you want to see your future with light or if you would rather enjoy storms.

The Ace of cups is what you are being offered. The powers that be do not desire for you to be just ok, it desires for your life to be so full of joy and abundance your cup spills over. When you are full of joy, you help lift others up with your light. We are all here to elevate and expand each other, but each of us has to do our part.

The only thing you need to do in order to obtain joy is to all believers. This card is telling you that with out faith, gratitude and acceptance what you desire will be difficult to obtain. If you are not willing to go on the adventure the universe has for you, everything will stay the same. Again, we are tied to our own free will. Though the potential for happiness is around you, you can chose to let it slip away.

Sending you light and love….. Zaida Velgara

Mensaje del día

Empezamos el día con la última carta del día anterior. El 6 de espadas demuestra el movimiento positivo hacia adelante, después de un tiempo estresado. Hay veces que nuestra vida entra periodos obscuros que nos activa las hormonas de estrés. En periodos como esos es importante tomar una pausa y respirar, esas acciones permite que entres en claridad y recibas entendimiento.

La chakra de la corona demuestra que estas recibido instrucciones y asistencia del universo. Tenemos ocurrencias en nuestras vidas que parecen obras de magia. Estamos en un aprieto y de repente aparecen las personas o los recursos que necesitamos. Esos milagros demuestran que el universo está a tu lado. En realidad la conexión que creas con el universo, las decisiones que tomas, el saber que todo pasa para el bien tuyo y  la voluntad de no caer en desesperación anciedades y estrés, crea conexión a la energía de lo que quieres manifestar.

Las últimas 2 cartas del 3 de copas y el 4 de bastones demuestran lo que el universo te da al cambio por tu fe. El 3 de copas enseña la celebración que sientes cuando personas llegan a tu rescaté y cuando las oportunidades que necesitás se revelan. La confianza ayuda manifestar bendiciones. El 4 de bastones demuestra la estabilidad que se crea en su vida al crear una fundación de fe. Todo en el universo trabaja para tu bien. Hay veces que el bien llegan como bendiciones y hay veces que se revelan en lecciones. Depende en la abilidad que tengas para aprender las cosas la primera vez que te lo enseñen. Todo depende en ti.

Les mando mucho amor y mucha luz…. Zaida Velgara

Cards of the day

We start the day with the last card we observed yesterday. 6 of swords, moving away from the stresses of the day before with new insight and clarity. Some days are very heavy. They cause us to activate our stress responses and triggers traumas we might have been suppressing. When we take a step back and breath, we are able to make wise decisions and move forward in our lives.

Crown chakra is an indication that you are being divinely guided and assistance. At times, it seems strange when everything that was hinder your movement, magically disappears. A feeling of clarity falls upon you and the people or resources needed manifest out of no where. This is divine help. Though it seems like magic, the reality is that you decided to align yourself with what you need. It was a choice, you used your will to set aside panic and embrace possibility.

The outcome of alignment with universal help and clarity is amazing. The 3 of cups and the 4 of rods is a positive movement forward in blessings. 3 of cups demonstrates the coming together of people and resources that lead to happiness and celebration. While, 4 of rods demonstrate the strong foundation of trust and gratitude that develops as part of the connection.

The only way that the universe can conspire in you favor, is through belief and gratitude. We must allow the time for all the pieces to fall into place to create the most positive outcome for our lives. As we connect, we begin to see the vision of happiness planned for us. We can see through through the eyes of divine.

Sending you light and love…. Zaida Velgara

Cards of the day

Be still and know that I am God (psalm 46:10) As I looked at these cards today, this passage flowed through me. Standstill is the message that divine needs you to know. This message can be interpreted in two forms standstill, in which your life is not having any movement; stand still as to you physically are choosing not to move. One of the options is made to help up absorb the teachings the universe is relaying to us, while the other is caused by an inability to move because of fear. At any rate, I do not see that any situation you are dealing with at the moment will move forward swiftly. It is time to see what this pause is trying to teach you.

The knight of rods is portraying an image of impulse and desire to jump into a situation quickly in order to find a solution. Though the knight is full of energy, it lacks the wisdom and contemplation found in the king. When situations cause you to feel stuck, the universe is trying to make you aware of something that you might be overlooking. There might be a better solution to your problem, if you take advantage of the opportunity given to you.

We all have obligations which cause us to turn on our fight or flight response when our routines become thwarted. Fight or flight might be great when surviving an attack, but it actually hinders our ability to think clearly and process what is actually happening. In the 6 of pentacles, we see the way to remady this situation is through finding balance. If we try to think outside of panic, desperation, frustrations and anger, the right action can be found. Take a moment and breath. Is the situation that terrible? Can the situation be resolved? Do you have anyone or anything around you that can help you find a solution? When the stress hormones caused by this situation calms down, the solution might be right in front of you.

6 of swords tells you that when you have taken the time and moved away from impulsive plans, it will be time to move forward. Your standstill was created to allow you to find your center and create a solution aligned with your true desires. Take advantage of the gift. Pause, breath and stand still allow for your answer to come.

May your life be full of light and love….. Zaida Velgara

Cards of the day

A new romantic cycle begins. You’re very close to achieving your goal. The combination of these 2 cards is giving a strong message of being really close to obtaining something that will fill your heart.

The fool, is letting you know that once this goal has been obtained it will start a new cycle in your life. This new cycle will, Judgement,will bring a feeling of rebirth. You will feel as though you had never really lived until this moment.

4 of swords, is reminding you to relax and meditate. This relaxation will help recharge your battery and allow you to have the energy to keep creating. Manifestion is a strong use of your energetic field. Your field, must be be recharged in order to continue the manifestion process. To recharge your field you must rest, relax and meditate.

Keep going for your dreams, your so close!

Sending you light and love…… Zaida Velgara