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Home Protection Ornament Class

Psychic interference in our lives is real.  The effects of it can be as simple as fumbling through your day…
photo of thunderstorm

Latest event

I was at the Farmer’s market yesterday and it rained so hard it was crazy. The first time I went…

Affirmation and thought

So remember, get mad 😡, upset 😠, disappointed 😔 and sad 😢. Process the feeling then let it go. It’s…
black mountains under the stars at nighttime

Day one of the 30 day workshop…Done

I am truly blessed to have soul tribe members signed up to the workshop. It’s an existing and fun first…
black mountains under the stars at nighttime

Ven a disfrutar el mercado de la calle en Elgin Illinois

Presioné aquí para reservar un tiempo Ven y apoye la comunidad de Elgin. Conozca lo que hace a Elgin especially.