Card of the day

It’s time to celebrate!  You have the 4 of wands which is all about entering a period of celebration after hard work and struggles.  This card brings so much joy just in the imagery. People dancing and playing music, the happiness is almost palpable.  Why not have some fun?  Haven’t you earned a little time to unwind and just let loose?  You have set your foundation and you are currently standing on solid ground, enjoy what you have created and the work you have put in.  This also includes emotional work, breaking down old though patterns and releasing traumas is not easy.  Give yourself some much needed love.

This is card number 4 which is all about forming foundations.  Trust in the work that you have put in and the decisions that you have made.  Trust that the foundations you have created are solid and true.  Find joy in the knowing everything that you have established up to know is good and solid and you are in a good place in your life. 

 Today’s charm is a starfish.  This is all about renewal and regeneration.  You have created a new you and this rebirth is one to be happy about.  Not everyone would go through the struggles that you have to be where you are, allow your batteries to rechange. 

Hope this message helps you, till the next time,

Zaida Velgara from Becoming I am

Card of the day

The world, what a perfect card to get today.  A feeling of being protected and secure in a circle of completion.  For some this is the completion of a hard cycle and for others is the mark of the finish line.  You made it, the hard work has paid off and now you enter a time of peace.  Give yourself some much-needed love because he kept going until the end.

This is card number 21 which speaks of your strong connection to universal intelligence.  When a cycle in your life end, there is a period of quiet meditation.  You can look back and see the lessons you have learned and the next steps you might want to take. Listen to the guidance you are intuitively receiving.  It is for your highest good.

The charm that came out for you today what the Pisces symbol. For those of you that are this sign, this message is especially strong for you.  For the rest of you that might not be the sign of Pisces this is a call to balance.  The symbol of Pisces are two fish forming a circle.  It is meant to be a symbol that represents the Ying and the yang.  Being able to see the spiritual and the material, the logical and the imaginary, the neutrality in all situations.  Having that type of mindset is the reason you have completed this cycle and the way to move forward in the future.

Hope this helps you for the day, till next time,

Zaida Velgara from Becoming I Am

Card of the day

What’s on your mind today? Justice!!! You are seeking balance and clarity today.  Why did these things happen to you?  Why do these people treat you this way?  Why am I so scared?  The justice you speak is not only outside of you, but within you.  You are ready to face those shadows and start realizing how the fear of facing yourself and coming to your truth have allowed for your life to unfold as it has.  Good for you, look for that justice, claim your strength, you can do it.

This is card 11 which is a number of expansion.  You are getting to know the real you, what your really want to become.  Taking the steps to expand yourself and your horizons.  It is not easy to do but worth it.

The charm for today is a heart.  This is all about self-love and acceptance.  You are doing this for you and that’s the best person to do things for.  Take the time and check in to your inner self.  Get to know the real you, the one not tied down to anyone’s views or opinions. Go for it, fall in love with yourself.

Hope this helps your today, till the next time,

Zaida Velgara from Becoming I Am

Card of the day

Today’s card came in reverse, the 7 of Pentacles.  Why are you giving up on your dream?  Normally this card talks about the seeds we plant and tend to towards the dreams we have in the future.  Seeing as this card is in reverse, I can say that your heart is getting frustrated.  You are tires of the grind and all the work you are doing to get ahead and not seeing the reward to your efforts.  It’s hard to keep on keeping on when all you see is the floor because of all the heavy burdens you are carrying.  Remember what they say, it’s always harder at the end of the storm.

Number 7 angel message brings a lit upliftment with this heavy message for today.  The energy of magic is all around you, use that magic to create and to uplift you.  It is easy to focus on the negative when you are in a bad place.  Step away for a little and do something that would make you laugh.  It’s funny how much a break can help. Give yourself one.

The charm today is a swan.  This charm reminds me of the story of the ugly duckling.  Yeah, you are weird and messed up, but you never know if this is causing your transforming.  Swans speak of trust, grace and good luck.  Don’t give up when you know it’s something you have always wanted.  Step away for a while and come back to it when you are in the right head space.

Hope this helps you today, till the next time,

Zaida Velgara From Becoming I Am

Carta del día

La carta de hoy es la Historia Sin Fin, pero al revés.  Esta carta te está diciendo que evites todo el drama a toda costa.  Se le dice que se mantenga alejado de las personas y las situaciones que reducen su frecuencia y lo llena de negatividad.  ¿Por qué?  Este es un punto crucial en el momento de su transformación.  Si durante este tiempo en tu crisálida, te rodeas de individuos o situaciones de baja frecuencia, corres el riesgo de crear los mismos ciclos y patrones que te ponen en el mal estado en el que estabas.  Para cambiar el capítulo, tienes que decidir darle vuelta a la página. (Por Zaida Velgara)

Esta es la carta número 37. El mensaje del ángel para el número 37 es que estás siendo rodeado de cosas para crear la vida que siempre has deseado.  Acepte la ayuda y cambie.  Sé el héroe de tu propia historia y ayúdate evitar caer en un gran error.  Escucha tu guía interior.

El dije de hoy es la rueda de un barco.  Este dije se puede tomar literalmente.  Toma el volante y gira en la dirección que realmente quieres, no en la que tienen las personas y las situaciones que estás acostumbrado.  A veces, nuestra necesidad de rutina es precisamente lo que nos frena. 

Espero que esto ayude, hasta la próxima,

Zaida Velgara de Becoming I Am

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