Why Tarot?

Why tarot? How to use tarot in changing your life. In this video, I show you how I use tarot in my everyday life.  How tarot has changed the ways I face obstacles and times of chaos. How tarot brings me peace in time of stress.  I hope to clear some of the confusion around tarot and some of its negative viewpoints.  This an introduction to a very big topic, that can later be expanded upon if there is more interest.  I hope this helps open yourself to a journey into tarot. 

Improve your intuition in July!

Improve your intuition! In the month of July, brings many changes, discover them with tarot cards. Choose the package that most appeals to you and see what your intuition wants you to know for the month of July.  It is better than just choosing your zodiacal signs or even looking for horoscopes, you will grow in understanding and reinforce your energy centers that connect you to the divine realm.  Using your intuition will help amplify your reception and will make every action you take be directed by an understanding beyond the bodily.  I will, over time each message you choose will be the right one for their life helping them to raise their self-esteem, their belief in divine influences and their life in general.  Be the change you want to see in your life.  I send them love and light from Becoming I Am.

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