The fox

Yesterday, I saw a fox strolling down my neighborhood. It’s funny how sometimes like a fox can make you stop and take in the moment.

I am a great believer of signs. Animals have always been messengers of things that are soon to come into my life. After recording this fox for a moment, I put the phone down and just watched it. It must have been hungry and was chasing squirrels, but never seemed to catch one. I believe it felt me looking at it because it pause and turned to look at me. I continued to just observe it. It turned and started to walk away. All of a sudden it paused to look at me one more time. I said “what do you want me to know?” In my mind I heard “beware of the deceivers.” I stood there and watch it turn around and walk away.

There is a lot symbolism behind seeing a fox They are considered teachers, wise and symbols of good fortune. They are also considered cunning, tricky and mischievous. When seeing a fox you are being told that you will have to think clearly and be alert. There will be situations throughout your day that will require you to be strategic and cunning because, if you don’t, you will be caught in someones trap.

The fact that I took the time to listen and receive the message that was being sent by that fox helped me. I was able to see situations around me that were less than great. I did have a few occasions that very day, that had I not been observant and strategic, would have caused me stress and worry. I was warned and ready because I chose not to ignore the message from a fox.

This is a way to be mindful and present. At times the only reason we fall is because we allow past or future situations to distract us. If we take that moment to listen and breath we will be that much closer to our perfect life.

I hope this small insight will help you all take a moment to hear the guidance being sent to you. Love and light… till the next time Zaida Velgara from Becoming I Am.

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