Weekend Spread

This weekend, I decided to pull a due mantra cards. It was funny when 3 fell out of the deck with somewhat the same message. Seeing as they are a newer element I shall start with them, and explain how they correlate with the oracle cards.

I am willing to see beyond my ideas, belief and conclusion…

I allow myself to see beyond my beliefs and ideas…

My intuition flows whenever I am still…

The first 2 mantras are speaking about your willingness to allow changes to take place in your life. This is a very important fact. The truth is, sometimes the way to a victory is through an action or person we truly do not want or like. There are times you may sit in your bed wishing for something better or hoping for something new, but given the opportunity you block the change. For things to change, something has to be different and sometimes that difference is you. Be willing to allow and accept the opportunities and not be to quick to stop them.

When it speaks about your intuition, I would like you to thing of a time that the little voice in your head tells you to go after something. Think of a time when your guts react to an action you are about to take. Intuition is not like the heavens parting and hearing a voice from source, the divine or the universe. If it were that easy, none of us would make crazy mistakes. We would never second guess an action. The reality, is that intuition is like a tiny nudge. If you are too busy telling it that it is wrong, you won’t hear the subtle truth that it carries. One way to allow you intuition to work for you and not against you is to be willing to listen and allow the universe to guide you.

Ironically, the three oracle cards you get says the same thing. Misalignment and spirit self are talking about showing the world your truth. Card 17 misalignment is telling you that you keep asking for miracles but, because you are not willing to accept the changes that have to take place, you block them. You are not aligning yourself to the miracles that are unfolding because you don’t allow the shifts that are taking place in your life.

Card 1 spirit self, is telling you that it is time to listen to your intuition by projecting outwardly what you truly want in life. If you want to be happy, but your life seems to be falling apart, it might be a sign that your happiness will not come from that situation or person. If you want to be spiritual and you seem to be getting attract from every angle, it might be the universes way to grow your spirituality. Connect to your intuition and see where it takes you.

Finally, we have the card of diligence which is telling you to look at the bigger picture. This message is tying in to the overall message of the week. To be able to see the truth in a situation or a person sometimes you have to take a step back. Understand how the pieces of your puzzle are starting to fall into place. Once you can see beyond the moment, you will have less resistance to what is currently happening. Give yourself the gift of stepping back and if you still do not understand, to go in faith. There will always be something there that will catch you…

Sending you light and love……. Zaida Velgara

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