An angelic healing session will take approximately one hour and a half.  During this time it is advised that you bring comfortable clothing, because you will be lying down for the duration of the session.

When you visit me, we will take a little time and talk about what I will be doing during the session.  You will be able to ask question and talk about why you have come to visit me.  Once the interview process is over, you will be lying on the bed and placed in a very comfortable position. Binaural beats will be playing in the background (binaural beats, are frequency sounds that have been tested to allow for the altering of brain activity), incense is burned to invoke a meditative state (please inform me if you have a sensitivity to incense), and activated stones are placed around you to act as transmitters.  While going through the session, I will be placing hands on you to move and remove energy.  You will be hearing tuning forks that help bring forth angelic frequencies and help re-harmonize your vibrational field.

At the end of the session, we will sit again and discuss the messages given to me regarding your vibrational field.  You can take the time and ask any question. I will give you instructions regarding the changes that will be taking place during the following 30 day cleanse. We can schedule a follow up session at the end.

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