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Transform your Life Open your Potential!

Life can be challenging. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, lost, depressed and anxious in a world in which there is no control.

Through the energy work found at Becoming I am you will learn how to connect with your inner potential and free yourself from what is holding you back.   To Become I Am is to become the most authentic version of yourself. 

Zaida Velgara

Usui Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, and Meditation Group Leader


Angelic Reiki Energy Healing

Adjusts the body’s energy matrix, release stress, removes stagnant energy, and free yourself of attachments.  Heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Take a journey through your past lives and release yourself from a Karmic Loop.  Connect to your higher consciousness and receive answers to the questions in your soul.

Meditation Groups

Realign your mind, body, and soul with our transformative guided meditations. Through a combination of hypnotic trance and guided shamanic journeys open your keys of change.

Coming Soon

At Becoming I Am, we are constantly looking for new innovative modalities that can help all our family continue their growth. Sign up to our mailing list and be the first to find out the newest services.

Tarot Reading

Discover new perspectives, gain clarity, and find answers to questions on your way to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Magic Advice and Help

If you are looking to get help with magic rituals with supplies, consultation to know what to due, or a ritual to alchemize your life click here.


April 21, 2023

Sally (zaida) has always been on point with her knowledge , the reiki session was definitely a positive experience .I highly suggest everyone getting a session to align your chakras

Norma Quinones
April 17, 2023


Azucena Torres
April 10, 2023

Love the way she didn't ask anything just what I needed to hear. I would go again.. very kind and sweet.

Ann Thompson
April 3, 2023

Truly grateful for finding Becoming I Am and meeting Zaida! Had an amazing and eye opening Angelic Reiki session. I was wondering how I was going to have the time to tell her all the things that were going on with me, but without telling Zaida why I was there, her Tarot cards, her Angels, and all of her healing gifts told her for me. And they were “Spot On!” After a very relaxing Reiki session, Zaida was so very kind and compassionate💜 She explained what she found during my session and what I can do to help myself though my journey. Zaida is a wealth of knowledge and even has a You Tube Channel and Facebook page. I feel like I found a friend the day I met Zaida 🙏🏻

Brianna Phillips
March 26, 2023

Amazing experience, I am going to be going back again!

Jessica Marks
March 21, 2023

Zaida is amazing!! She is so knowledgeable in all areas of her business and really takes her time connecting with you and making you feel comfortable. Your experience with her will always be relaxing and refreshing.

March 19, 2023

I had an incredible afternoon working with Zaida. She was able to give me an in depth reading, and offer tools that could help me moving forward. There are so many unknowns to the universe around us, and the ability to channel positivity and guidance from someone as special as Zaida is a blessing in and of itself. I look forward to working with Zaida in the future. I highly recommend coming to see her, and learning what insight she has to share. She has a tender and loving heart. You cannot go wrong with booking some time with this wonderful lady.

collette harvey
March 14, 2023

The whole experience was just so kind, warm and spot on! I will continue

Maria Giselle
March 7, 2023

Very insightful when performing readings she gave me the answers without me even asking her the question.... her angelic healing is amazing you can feel it working from the beginning.... i also tried the past life hypnosis healing... amazing something you really need to experience ...mind blown away .... thank you so much for all you do..

Daisy Alvarado
February 28, 2023

So grateful to have found this place. Zaida explained everything to me with such details and even when I did not understand some things she was kind enough to clarify. She was so kind and she has such calming energy but still keeps it real which I appreciate

Sarahi Lopez
February 25, 2023

She was very kind and helpful and always kept me informed through my session. Highly recommend her!

Cristina Perez
February 16, 2023

This was the best choice I have done. I did 6 Reiki Healing Sessions &Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. It helped my healing process and understand my purpose in life. Zaida made this great experience very comfortable and enjoyable. She is jus very welcoming and loving. Thank you!

Karla Merlo
February 11, 2023

Eye opening experience! Sally is very gifted and my first experience was one of a kind. At the end of our session I felt relaxed and refreshed! Highly recommended.

Joanne M
February 9, 2023

I love going to Sally (zaida). She helped me during a difficult time in my life and I'm thankful I trusted her. I always feel calm and centered in all our sessions. Thank you Sally (zaida)! You are amazing!

Ron Pepping
February 2, 2023

Received a beautiful Angelic Reiki healing session with Zaida. This session is unique as it combines a tarot card reading with reiki healing and connection with your spirit guides and Angels. The session was very informational as to energy blocks in and around your body, messages from angels and guidance at the end from Zaida as to actions to implement going forward to improve your well being and what to expect in the next week and month. The session brought a lot of relaxation and positive energy. I highly recommend experiencing this.

January 29, 2023

Sally (zaida) is really good in her work. Very satisfied with her all the time. Very passionate and knowledgeable in what she does. Keep it up Sally (zaida).

January 24, 2023

Great experience! I walked off the elevator, turned right , walked a few feet down and hall and the door on the right was open waiting for me to come in. It was very inviting. Zaida had everything all prepared and was expecting me. She greeted me cheerfully right when I walked in. She took her time and I in no way felt rushed to get out the door.

John Keehan
January 14, 2023

A beautiful caring person tuned in to the healing energy of the universe. This is what heals us as individuals...and heals the world !

Trevor Drezen
January 2, 2023

My experience was incredible!! I would highly recommend Zaida to anyone looking for any type of healing or spiritual work, I have felt a massive positive difference in my energy that has lasted long after the session and it is something I will continuously focus on moving forward! 11 out of 10 without a doubt!

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Recuerda que siempre hay ayuda. Nunca estas solo o desamparado solo es un engaño de la mente. Espero que todos tangan ojos para ver y oídos para oír cuando lo necesiten. 

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Remember, help is always there. You just have to be silent enough listen to it. May your ears be open to hear and your eyes open to see. 

 #meditationpractice #ElginIL #elginil #meditation #blessedandgrateful #blessed #becoming_i_am #zaidavelgara #becoming_i_am111 #zaidavelgara111
Le mente determina si te destruyes o te renuevas. Si queres dominar tu vida y recrearte empieza alli.

Your mind determins if you will be destroyed or renewed. If you want to dominate your life, start there.
A green grasshopper is a symbol of a healthy life, entering into a new phase of life, and restoration.
How beautiful these bumble bees are. Nature is so beautiful 😍
I made these small gri gri bags to help during the crazy planetary shifts we are currently having. You carry them in your purse or pocket and 1 time a month place 1 drop of your favorite essential oil to charge. They are $10 and I can mail them. Quantity limited message me if you are interested. 

Hice estas pequeñas bolsas gri gri para ayudar durante los locos cambios planetarios que estamos teniendo actualmente. Los llevas en tu bolso o bolsillo y 1 vez al mes colocas 1 gota de tu aceite esencial favorito para cargar. Cuestan $10 y puedo enviarlos por correo. Cantidad limitada envíame un mensaje si estás interesado.
La temporada retrógrada está hecha para que las personas observen cómo sus acciones han afectado sus vidas. Para muchos, lo retrógrado pasa sin previo aviso. Esto es una indicación de que tus acciones están alineadas con el camino en el que te encuentras actualmente. Para otros, el retrógrado es caótico. En casos como estos estás siendo llamado a rendirte, observar y aprender. Las acciones que ha realizado han causado repercusiones. ¿Los repercusiones alinean con el resultado que deseas o no? Si la respuesta es no entonces quédate quieto y permite que Dios te diga qué has hecho mal. Lo mejor es tomarse este tiempo para la claridad, la limpieza espiritual y el aprendizaje. Pedir, manifestar o trabajar en magia que provoque cambio es pedir que el caos entre en tu vida. Tenga en cuenta que sus acciones en tiempos de turbulencia mejorarán o empeorarán las cosas. Tu eliges. Es tu libre albedrío.

 #ElginIL #elginil #agradecida #bendecida #zaidavelgara #becoming_i_am
The retrograde season is made for people to observe how their actions have affected their lives. For many the retrograde passes by without notice. This is an indication that your actions are in alignment with the path you are currently in. Others the retrograde is chaotic. In cases like these you are being called to surrender, observe and learn. The actions you have made have caused ripples. Are the ripples alighning you to the outcome you desire or not? If the answer is no then be still and allow God to tell you what you have done wrong. It is best to take this time for clarity, cleansing and learning. To ask, manifest or work on magic that provokes change is to ask for chaos to enter your life. Be mindful that your actions in times of turbulence will either make things better or worse. You choose. It's your free will. 

 #meditationpractice #ElginIL #elginil #blessedandgrateful #zaidavelgara #becoming_i_am
Realmente, esto es bien importante. La realidad es que veo muchas personas que rompen familias, entran en cultos religiosos extraños, se ponen adictos a muchas diferentes sustancias, en fin sabotajean sus vidas por no questionar la vos en su cabeza. Tenemos que vivir una vida de aprendizaje. Questionar en un modo perfecto para aprender. Si questionarias, podrias descubrir de donde salio ese pensamiento negativo y sanar. 

 #becoming_i_am #zaidavelgara #elginil #ElginIL #bendecida #agradecida

Find Your Path

Together we can release the chains that keep stuck.  There are many options at Becoming I Am and we are always looking for more.  What do you need to help open your path?  How can we help you move forward?