What is Angelic Energy Healing

Angelic Reiki healing is a relaxation and energy balancing therapy is used to adjust the energy matrix of the human body. By aligning that energy matrix, it releases stresses and stagnant energy that can cause physical or physiological alterations.

Angelic Reiki is a combination that uses the benefits of the two healing modalities. The founder, Zaida Velgara, used her skills to channeling angelic energy, the certifications she received as an advanced angelic healing and Usui’s reiki master, to fuse and amplify the transfer of healing energy to her clients.

By combining these forms, angelic energy permeates the symbols of reiki and helps convey healing strongly and effectively.  Angels indicate where to concentrate energy by focusing on where the blockages or stagnant energy exist. This energy transfer is so intense, it is recommended that a client allow the energy to absorb and realign the body in a detoxification process that lasts 30 days.  At that time, the energies permeate the cells, continuing to open bonds to make energy flow over the whole body. 

It is important to know that during healing, a sense of relaxation will fall on the body allowing tensions and anxieties to dissolve. There have been many studies that indicate that tension, stress and anxiety are major factors in the introduction of diseases into the body. By receiving balance, harmony and stability in your energy matrix, the total restoration can be carried out.

During the Angelic Reiki Healing process, Zaida wanted to ensure that all the senses of the bodies are activated in order to absorb as much energy as possible.  When the senses are activated relaxation flows through the body, allowing greater acceptance of the different frequencies of energy to align and restore.  Methodologies such as healing stones, aromatherapy, sound therapy, tarot cards and tuning forks are used throughout the experience to receive all the information needed to heal.

 How do you know if you need an Angelica Reiki session?

Angelic Reiki will help stabilize all aspects of the human body.  Everyone who has had strong stress, trauma, poor self-esteem, blockages, or physical ailments will benefit from having an alignment of their energetic matrix.  By changing the energy matrix, a change of mindset and frequencies facilitate the total change of the individual.

What should I expect and how can I prepare?

An Angelic Reiki healing session lasts approximately 2 hours.  This time will be devoted mainly to a reclined position with a discussion of 15-20 minutes before and after the session to clarify any doubts.  If you have any medical conditions that make it difficult to stay reclined for at least 45-50 minutes, you will be advised to inform prior to start.

The best clothes to wear during the session are the ones that are comfortable and that allow you to move freely.  You will be asked to remove your shoes before laying down, so it is recommended to wear something that is easy to remove.   It is recommended that you do not take any medication not prescribed by your doctor and that you do not consume alcohol at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.

Do not wait any longer.  Give you the opportunity to be different and happy.

Do you have a child or adolescent that is you think might benefit from an energy healing session?

Youth and teens are extremely susceptible to stresses. The number of children with anxiety and emotional difficulties are increasing every day. Angelic healing can help!! It is a relaxation and balancing energy therapy, used to adjust the energy matrix of the human body. Aligning that energy matrix, releases stresses and stagnant energy that may cause physical or physiological disturbances. If you are feeling overly tired, anxious, or burdened and would like a change, book a session today.

Disclaimer: Angelic Reiki healing sessions are not a substitute for medical and psychological treatment or diagnosis.  Healers do not diagnose conditions, prescribe or perform medical treatments, or interfere with the treatment of licensed medical professionals. Your body will be touched when lying down. You are asked to indicate of any discomfort. By booking and paying for the session, it is understood that you are consenting to the treatment. If you still have further questions, please feel free to contact Becoming I Am. Any information shared during the consultation is confidential, we do not retain information from the consultation at Becoming I Am. Becoming I Am, is not responsible for the actions taken by you, due to the consultation.