Tarot Reading

Do you have question? Do you need clarity? Are you curious about the guidance through tarot? Tarot can help put together the pieces of your puzzle. Becoming I Am, has virtual and live sessions with a variety of time lengths based on the questions or the details you require. During a tarot card reading session, Zaida channels information of both her guides and yours.

Not all of us have a quick question. The majority of us have a lot of things that need our attention, causing us stress and confusion. For those pressing questions there is an hour session. In the hour-long session there is time to unraveling the pressing problems, your concerns and receive guidance as to how different outcomes will result. Don’t remain in doubt, see a way out of your current situation. Live a calm and balanced life.

Virtual Readings

If you are not able to come live, this option is the next best thing. Using Stream Yard, you will connect directly to Zaida in a private session. The session is recorded, and the link is sent to you to revisit as many times as you would like. When the appointment is made you will receive an email to confirm the date and time of the session. A secondary email will have the link to your private session and instructions to assure you have no problems connecting. The connection can be made via a computer or your phone.

20 Minute Pre-recorded Reading

Do you want a card reading, but don’t have the time to go? This is a great way to see what is to come at your convenience. When you book the reading, you will receive an email to confirm the session and to receive a list of questions. As many questions as can be answered during the recording will be addressed. Once the recording is complete, you will receive an email with the video link.

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If you might be interested in a tarot reading party please contact me. This could be a fun idea for your next even.  Please note there is a 5 person minimum for the party and a 15mile radius from shop location.