During an Angelic card reading session, Zaida taps into her Angelic guides that give her insight as to what the cards are revealing. When you have a session both channeling and divination is used in order to give you as much help as possible in your transitions in life.


For all the community that is unable to have a live appointment with Zaida, there are virtual options.

Using the zoom platform, you will be having a meeting that is just as interactive as a live appointment.

When the appointment is confirmed you will receive an email with the link for the meeting. Log in using the link and let the magic begin.


Have you been wanting to get a card reading but do not have the time to sit or drive to a location to do it? This option can be good for you!!!

These videos are just like the ones that I do in my YouTube page except that they are tailored to you. After the video is completed an email will be sent to you with your link. The link will direct you to the video that will be available for you to see as long as you’d like. As an added bonus…if you would like a friend or family member to see what the cards are revealing all you have to do is share the emailed link, it’s that easy!

Please note:  The card reveal the course your life is taking based on the mind set and decisions you have taken up to the point of the session.  No session is written in stone, you have the free will to change and modify events if you choose.  This is how tarot readings are good; they allow you to shift directions if the outcome is not what you desire.  

DISCLAIMER** All readings I post are for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any choices or decisions you make as a result from my readings!


If you might be interested in a tarot reading party please contact me at zivelissel@gmail.com This could be a fun idea for your next even.  Please note there is a 5 person minimum for the party and a 15mile radius from shop location.