Cancellation Policy

PSYCHIC READINGS & HEALING CONSULTATIONS: There will be a $25 charge should you fail to arrive or phone in during your scheduled time without providing 24 hours of written and verbal cancellation to reschedule. To provide your cancellation up to 24 hours before your scheduled time, you must email or text (847)347-1154 your notice of cancellation. We consider all no-shows for scheduled psychic reading appointments as services provided by Becoming I Am, as agreed upon, since our practitioners are sitting there waiting for you during your scheduled time as you paid for; if you fail to show, they are still compensated for their time spent waiting for you and your session will not be rescheduled. If you show up late, your reading will be reduced by the amount of time you were late for the session unless we have proper notification of your situation or anticipated tardiness – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Video Link Angelic Card Reading

When booking a Video Link Angelic Card Reading, an Email will be sent to the one provided at time of booking within 24 hrs of time of full payment. During time of booking, provide questions under comment section all the questions that can be answered during time of reading will be addressed.

COVID-19 Pandemic Policy

All clients must wear masks to receive service at all times. Feel free to ask for extra cleansing if it will make you feel safe.

Classes, workshops, groups

All the classes, workshops and groups are scheduled and cannot be changed. If an emergency arises and Becoming I Am will contact all involved and will create another availability date for a make up. If you have signed up for the class and choose 1 week before that you would like to cancel, a credit will be given to use in another service, class workshop or group.

Additional information

EXCHANGE WRONG ITEM POLICIES: Although extremely rare, in the event the wrong product was shipped to you in error, please notify us within 72 business hours upon receipt and ship back to us with delivery confirmation to the 964 Elizabeth St. Elgin IL 60123 address for a full exchange, providing it returns to us unopened and unaltered.  If it arrives opened and the contents tampered with, we will photograph your items and email you the image to explain why this cannot be accepted.  If indeed everything is untampered, we will priority ship your correct product out immediately at our expense plus a little lagniappe for the inconvenience.  Again, customers have 72 business hours (3 days) to notify us of the error, if we do not receive notification of the shipping error within this time frame we will not honor the exchange. To notify us of the error, you must contact us via email: with your product information, tracking number and delivery date and we will priority ship your correct product out immediately at our expense.

ORDER REVISION POLICIES: Orders cannot be revised once they are placed.  Should you purchase the wrong items after check out and realize you meant something else, i.e., you meant to purchase a Love Scrub Soap but Selected the Money Wash in error, you will have to place a subsequent order for the additional items you want.  We are not allowed to revise orders once you have placed your completed order due to banking regulations. Your order must match the checkout receipt.  We take extraordinary care in packing each order with plenty of secure shipping supplies (bubble wrap, heavy shipping boxes, peanuts, etc.), rarely has anything ever arrived broken, in the few events this has occurred, it has been the sole responsibility of USPS and their handling of your package, therefore, should anything break during shipping, you MUST FILE A CLAIM with USPS.  This means, you will have to take your package to your local USPS or post office for them to examine the damage they caused. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage caused by USPS and highly recommend you opt to pay the additional amount for insurance, please email to learn how to do this. Once the package leaves our hands and after inspection by USPS for secure shipping guidelines, it is no longer under our control and you must deal with USPS.  To learn more about USPS and their local offices, please visit  PLEASE NOTE: All items are shipped at the Buyer’s risk. You are placing the responsibility of your products in the hands of shipping companies, who have the legal right to open and look through your package.


Credit Card Order Policy Becoming I Am. adheres to very strict merchant account guidelines, which technically require us to ship orders of $150.00 or more to the Card Holder’s Billing address with signature confirmation.  This is to protect consumers from fraudulent transactions and implemented at merchant’s discretion without prior notification.  We reserve the right to refuse service at any time, including in-person or online transactions if fraud detection flags are triggered.


We reserve the right to refuse service at any time, including in-store or online transactions.  Further, our Legal Counsel insists we place the following disclaimer: All items are sold as curios only. We cannot guarantee results nor take any responsibility for the outcome of using magical products. These items are for spiritual, faith based or curio purposes only and must be over 18yrs of age to order from Becoming I am. or obtain parental consent. You must be over 18 years of age to enter Becoming I am. retail store unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or adult who must consent to be legally and financially responsible for the acts of the minor they are accompanying within the store.  No minor unattended by a responsible parent, guardian or adult will be allowed within the retail location of Becoming I am.

Becoming I am provides services all products and provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without warranties and refunds of any kind, either expressed or implied.  Becoming I am makes no warranty regarding the operation of the website, retail store or any information or other content on it or in the retail location, on any service or products provided through or in connection with the website and/or retail location. Becoming I am, Inc. expressly disclaims any and all warranties and refunds, express or implied by including, but not limited to any warranties as to the availability, products, content, accuracy, completeness, or information which are part of the website and retail store.

Becoming I am and any of its affiliates, dealers or suppliers are exempt and not liable for any indirect, special, incidental, unforeseen or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business, accidents, illness, Acts of God, negligence, loss of profits, litigation, or the like), whether based on breach of contract, breach of warranty, tort (including negligence), product liability or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damages or proper use of items sold through the website and/or retail store location.

Becoming I am services and products are sold “as is” with no warranty for the Voodoo spells, Magical rituals, Voodoo rituals or any spiritual services provided on your behalf or the use of any magical item, oils, elixir, fetish, doll, psychic reading, astrology chart, numerology report, custom ritual, Witchcraft ritual or charm that you will receive. By purchasing Becoming I am services and/or products you agree to and accept this disclaimer.

All benefits those receive from the use of our magical products are based on the faith and conviction of the believers, since people have varying levels of faith, belief and spiritual connections and/or religious traditions, results and outcomes will vary. By purchasing Becoming I am services and/or products you agree to and accept this disclaimer.