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Today’s card is, Unfinished Symphony.  When this card comes up, you are being told that in order to enter the new phase in your life you must release things from the past.  What have you not said?  Who have you not disconnected from?  What job did you leave half done?  If you are truly looking to move forward you must be able to cut the cords that bind you to the past.  These cords act like elastic straps, if you get far enough away from them the pressure will eventually pull you back. 

I know well the desire to walk away from the things that no longer serve you.  It is tempting to think that if no energy is given to a problem, it will eventually fad away.  The reality is that if you ignore a problem long enough, it just becomes bigger.  Face those demons and deal with them while they are still manageable, that way they will not pull you away from the miracles you are creating.

This is card number 10.  The angel message for number 10 is that you have completed a cycle and are being divinely guided towards the next moves you must make.  Trust that the signs and synchronicities are for your greatest good and takes the steps necessary to move forward.

The charms for today are the owl and moth/butterfly.  The owl is asking you to use your wisdom while looking and analyzing your life.  What is the next step you want to make?  How can you make that step wisely?  The moth speaks of transformation and the need to look at the magic that lies within you.  What if the only thing that is truly holding you back is an old pattern of thinking.   Manifestation has more to do with a mind set than an action.  You are transforming, it is you that decides if you would like to be a butterfly or a moth. 

Hope this helps you for today! See you for the next one!

Zaida Velgara Becoming I Am

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