Why Shadow Work…. Works

Today, I have a strong drive to share how working on my dark side has helped me grow as a mother, healer and individual.  I think it’s important for anyone who wants to grow spiritually, to hear and understand what others that have been on this walk have done in order evolved and sometimes failed.  We are all here to grow and evolve, but looking up to those who are “perfect”, doesn’t help us relate or even feel that we have the potential for change.

So this is my story….

I am an immigrant.  My family came here from Puerto Rico when I was only 2.  When I tell you that I am Puerto Rican, I am really telling you that it is my background because I have grownup and been indoctrinated to the viewpoints taught in United Stated of America.  Any immigrant that has grown up in the United States can relate to the feeling of being caught between 2 worlds.  Your parents want you to behave the way that is typical to their backgrounds and you want to behave the way that you see everyone living here.  Do not get me wrong, I believe and have great pride of being Puerto Rican. I also know that the influences I have received through the United States has molded me in a way that I do not think, behave or fit in at all times with my “nationality”.  It can be said that the system in place here in the United States has worked.

The fact that the system works in the United States is part of the problem.  Though, I was “fortunate” enough to have light skin, my nose was too wide and my hair too kinky so I could not “pass” as a European, instead I was more commonly labeled as “mixed”.  I felt like a person with no roots or country in the United States while growing up, there was nowhere to feel safe or accepted.  In school, I had an elementary school teacher that called me dumb.  Later that same teacher said “Well, why should I even bother teaching you? You Mexicans just pop out kids and live off Welfare.”  This was the expectations I received in the 4th grade.  I saw how my parents had to fight for everything as individuals would yell in their face and tell them to go back to where they came from.  I became scared of the police because of how many times my dad would get pulled over and we would have flashlights shined in our face.  I became scared to go outside because of the constant gang wars between the Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Blacks and Whites. 

Later, my parents decided to make an amazing sacrifice by putting us (my sister, brother and I) in private school.  It was to try and avoid us from entering the violence of gangs and to give us an opportunity to get ahead.  We received scholarships, because of our economic state, in which meant that we would work in the office to help cover expenses and my parents would come and work cleaning and fixing things in the school to get money removed from our tuition.  I think that this is why hear people say immigrants come to the United States to receive a “free ride”, sets me off. As soon as I could, I worked getting paid “under the table” at the age of 13 to help my family make ends meat.  I keep hearing the song lyrics in my head “everyday I’m hustling…”  because that was my life.  I didn’t feel safe with anyone it didn’t matter who or what they were.  I believe this is why many immigrants are really close to family and why the actions that you take are strongly realted to how it will affect the whole and not the individual.  This is something that can never be understood unless you have experienced it.  This is why people of the came culture look for and stick with each other.  This is why many immigrants help other immigrants get ahead and also why many immigrants attack others.  We made it work!  I felt like my whole life was one of swimming against the current trying to stay afloat and not do anything that would cause me to sink. 

I experienced cruelty from the Mexican community for being Puerto Rican and somehow not understanding the struggles they went though.  I experienced cruelty by African Americans for having light skin and not understanding their struggles.  Mostly, I experienced cruelty from the Euro Americans for having a Hispanic last name which meant I automatically had an accent and that (in words of my Christian Boss) not knowing the value of the dollar and working for cheap.  I was a second class citizen no matter how hard I tried.  I was nothing a piece of garbage that can be used and exploited because of my lack of worth.   To make matters worse, the way that I was taught to deal with the cruelty was to keep my head down and keep working.  “We don’t need problems. We are in the losing side. Just move on.” 

It’s funny, how when putting these experiences on paper, I start feeling a knot form in my stomach and my eyes start to well up with tears. Anger comes over me, a feeling of being a whiney little b*tch and the words “suck it up” repeat in my head.   How can these experiences still move me this way?  Why can’t I just move on? I have surpassed all the expectations people have placed upon me, “their words ain’t sh*t”. 

In reality those words did matter.  They gave me an identity.  I AM AN IMMIGRANT, I became the label they placed upon me.  I cannot say that with all these experiences I had not acquired prejudices of my own.  I see a large group of African Americans convened together and I prepare myself to run or fight, even though I am in no real threat. Why? In the gang wars I lived through, looking at an African American in the eye could cost you.  I held a spiteful, me against them, feeling towards Mexicans because “they” would attack me for being Puerto Ricans. I believe that anyone of European decent had no souls, only live to destroy cultures, identity and spirits with their mentality of superiority.  I became that which I hated, seeing the world through the glasses that were forced upon me.

I believe that it is important to see where I came from.  The reality is that we all have racist or prejudice viewpoints.  These viewpoints are not only acquired by your family and friends but also learned by your environment.  We have a choice to make.  Do we want to be the result of what we hear, see and feel or do we want to become more?  The beauty of the human being is the ability to learn, grow and evolve and also the choice to stay the same.


Let’s fast forward to my present and the difficult work of moving past the ugly and moving into the light. 

As you came to imagine, I was bitter, spiteful and hateful.  I believed that the only way to get ahead is to be just like all those that have hurt me in the past.  I grew ever more confrontational and abrasive with anyone of authority because they were the problem.  Does this remind you of anyone? 

The reality is that my animal and survival instinct were on high alert. I felt a need and desire to fight to survive.  The problem with this mindset is that, as I mentioned in my article regarding the effects of cortisol in your system, this hurt my health and did not allow me to think clearly.  It is like you are trying to see through a pair of glasses which have dirty finger prints all over them, you can see but the picture is distorted.  Anything that was done to or even given to me was twisted and received with doubt and insecurity, the world was against me and I had to survive. I know I had a problem and decided that it was time to work on it.  This is where the words of Michelle Obama make a lot of sense, “When they go low, you go high.” If you sink to their level it begins to destroy and putrefy the beauty that you are.

I became a Reiki Master and an Angelic Healer but, decided that I was not in a place to help anyone until I did the work on myself.  I went through many healing sessions and everyone would push something out into open.  Things that I held deep inside, things that I thought were long forgotten resurged and practically destroyed the person I believed to be.  I started to move stagnant energy and see how my judgements and categorizing of people was based on these dirty glasses that were forcibly placed on me.  I cried, a screamed, I released terrible things and allowed myself freedom.  I came to realize that as a society, many of us see the world through the eyes of survival and that is affecting how we think, what we see and also who we allow in our lives.  People became people, through the shadow work I did.  I saw how easily it was to twist a situation to the negative and also how easy it was to put on my rose colored glasses and see everything as wonderful.  The universe works to give me and my loved ones the life we deserve and desire.

I had to be willing to go through the experience.  I had to be willing to accept that I was wrong.  I had to be willing to let go of the identity I had made of myself and allow myself to evolve into another person.  To evolve into a new person was the most difficult part of the whole experience.  We are the identity we create.  All the decisions we make, good or bad, are all in keeping with the person we proclaim that we are.  If we are fat, we constantly sabotage our actions in becoming thinner.  If we are always broke, as soon as we have money we splurge in some unnecessary garbage.  If we are prejudice, we twist every situation to prove that the “those people” are the problem.

Shadow work takes time, it takes will and it takes strength.  Every time I felt like I was getting past something, the universe would present me with the same situations but with different people.  It’s a way of refining your new beliefs and identity.  Essentially, you are being tested, “put your money where your mouth is.” A small example of this in with my own life goes as follows.  My dad’s side of the family would tell me how I should pinch my nose to look more Spaniard, because it was too wide?  Fast forward to my first, second, and third child (I have 4), my mother in law would tell me that I should pinch my children’s nose, because it was too wide.  So, I already had wounds that I had just pushed down deep, due my looks and now my kids acquired those things I had learned to hate about myself. I held my first child and crying vowed that I would never let anyone hurt his soul and make him feel lesser because of his looks.   When she told me the same for the second child, I started to hate her.  I remember thinking how much of a b*tch she was for rejecting my child and my roots like that. Still, I hadn’t dealt with the original wounds.   By the time she said that for my third child, I understood that the problem was a society that has told her that the more Spaniard or European my children looked the more possibilities they had for success.  All she wanted was to make sure that my children had a chance all she was doing was repeating to me what she was taught by her family, friends and environment.   I turned to her and said, “Why would I want my kid to look so average, when he is uniquely beautiful with that high quality nose?  My kids aren’t average they are unique and they are made with high quality.”  I never heard anything again regarding their nose.  When I had my 4th, his nose, even though it was the same as all the others, was perfect.  This is just one of millions of example that I have had to experience.  This is just once of millions of times that I had to step back and analyze why a person is talking to me or reacting to me in the way they are.  Many times I have been able to bring down a heated situation, I have had to walk way (because I was 2 seconds away from losing my sh*t), and I have been able to plant the seeds of change.  My point is, I am still evolving and through my shadow work I am learning how to switch off my survival mindset and switch on my best self.

I feel like, the universe places in your lives many people, experiences and objects to learn and evolve from.  All the mayor prophets in the world have had to go through similar experiences in their walk to greatness.  The prophets that we are able to learn the most from are those that do not lose their humanity it the process of becoming enlightenment, instead they show us that they are constantly working through inner turmoil and always choose to do better.  We are constantly fighting against that sense of right and wrong, that is not only established within us but also indoctrinated by our surroundings. The shadow work doesn’t end with the heavens opening up and you magically becoming “perfect”.  Shadow work is fighting, talking and persuading yourself on a daily bases that you want to be better.    It’s setting aside your ego identity, which you created in response to your experiences, to connect to your heavenly self.  Above all things, shadow work is the WILL to become who you know you are meant to become.                     

Ritual Puede Ayudarte a Sobrellevar el Estrés

A medida que nos involucramos más en el estado actual del mundo, es cada vez más difícil permanecer centrados y no atraídos por el estrés. Cada vez que enciendes las noticias o hablas con conocidos, el cuerpo comienza a tensar, causando dolores y dolor. Con el cicló constante de ansiedad y estrés, sistemas en el cuerpo liberan hormonas que pueden afectar la salud en general.

Es difícil pensar que la vida tal como la conocemos no será la misma. Durante este tiempo, es importante encontrar un estado de normalidad en la niebla de tanto el caos.  Cuando hay una rutina, que podemos actualizar habitualmente, el cambio a nuestro alrededor parece menos evidente.  Imagina una pecera grande. Esta pecera tiene muchos peces diferentes, mucha vegetación y decoraciones.  Para los peces que lo han convertido en su hogar durante muchos años, es perfecto.  Ahora, vamos a introducir un pez nuevo a la pecera.  ¿Qué es lo primero que se hará?  Tomamos el nuevo pez y lo dejamos en una bolsa de agua del tanque del que vino, flotando en la parte superior del agua de los nuevos tanques. ¿Por qué hacemos eso?  Si el nuevo pez se introduce en la pecera grande, al que no se ha aclimatado, podría morir.  Ahora imagínese como ese pez.  El estado actual en el que vivimos es la pecera grande, abrumadora y consumidora.  Estamos siendo arrojados a esta situación causando pánico, ansiedad, estrés, ira y miedo. Si tenemos una rutina o ritual que hacemos a diario, ahora nos estamos colocando en esa bolsa y permitiéndonos aclimatarnos.

¿Qué se entiende por rutina o ritual?

El diccionario describe ritual como: una ceremonia solemne que consiste en una serie de acciones realizadas de acuerdo con un orden prescrito. El diccionario describe rutina como: una secuencia de acciones seguidas regularmente; un programa fijo. Las descripciones de ambos son las mismas, una secuencia de acciones que se siguen en el mismo patrón cada vez. Usando estas definiciones podemos formular un plan para crear un ritual diario para mantendrá el equilibrio durante momentos difíciles en nuestros alrededores.

¿Qué necesitas para crear un ritual o rutina diaria?

1.       El deseo de hacer uno.  Mientras leyó, espero que se desate un interés al querer hacer una rutina/ritual para ayudarle a mantenerse centrado y en equilibrio.

2.       Una serie de acciones fáciles de hacer que crearán la rutina.  Tiene que ser fácil y tienes que sentir que no te privan o que es demasiado trabajoso para hacerlos.

3.       Una sensación de conexión con algo a lo que te sientes atraído.  Esto podría ser algo espiritual, como una deidad o dios, una frecuencia de energía o incluso tú en el yo superior interior.  Esta fuente se puede encontrar dentro de usted o fuera de usted, sea cual sea el caso, tiene que ser algo que le trae paz cuando se conecta a él.

4.       Este paso no es necesario, pero es apreciado.  Busca un amigo o familiar con el que puedas hacerlo.  La razón tiene 2 facetas, para tener a alguien con quien puedas hablar con respecto a los cambios que estás experimentando internamente y tener a alguien que te haga responsable.  Piense que será como compañeros de ejercicio, que le ayudarán a ejercitar sus ser interior.

Empezando el proceso…

Ahora has tomado tu decisión.  Vas a sentarte en tu cama cada mañana para encontrar tu paz interior y conectarte con la energía interior.  Para los más religiosos que nos rodean, estaremos sentados cada mañana en nuestras camas para comulgar con Dios, Nuestra Señora, Buda, Krishna, etc.  ¿Cuánto tiempo no parecería una molestia? Tú decides que 5 minutos serían suficientes para sentirte realizado y funcionaría en caso de que te despiertes tarde. ¿Quieres poner música para enfocarte? Sí, por lo que tendrá su teléfono o radio configurado para tener música lista.  Recuerde que usted está tratando de hacer que sea lo más fácil posible para hacer esto.  Ahora, sé que la música típicamente usada para reflexionar es suave, toque la música que le genere alegría pero pueda mantenerse concentrado.  Elige un día para empezar y comience.  Si descubres que sentarte en tu cama no funciona porque te vuelves a dormir, levántate y prepárate para el día.  Antes de salir de su casa o comenzar cualquier actividad, siéntese y trate de reflexionar durante 5 minutos. Si olvidas un día, no se preocupe, inténtelo de nuevo al día siguiente.  Usted está tratando de formar una rutina / ritual para mantenerse tranquilo en momentos de estrés; cambio no sólo sucede de la noche a la mañana, sigue adelante.

Espero que este pequeño pedazo de mi mente pueda abrir vías para que pienses, crezcas y te expandáis. Todos estamos tratando de encontrar nuestro camino a través de esta vida y todos hemos sido puestos aquí para ayudarnos unos a otros en el proceso. Si encontró valor en mi trabajo, siga mi página web para continuar recibiendo artículos e ideas. Si usted está alrededor del área de Chicagoland y está interesado en una sesión conmigo, haga clic en el enlace… https://square.site/book/STS92ZJ9ZJQ4S/becoming-i-am-elgin-il Que nuestros caminos se crucen y cuando lo hagan, que ambos seamos mejores para ello. Bendito sea.- Zaida Velgara

Ritual Can Help You Cope With Stress

As we become more involved in the current state of the world, it is harder and harder to remain centered and not drawn to stress. Every time you turn on the news or talk to acquaintances, the body begins to tense up, causing aches and pain. With the constant loop of anxiety and stress, systems in the body release hormones that can affect overall health.

It is difficult to think that life as we know it will not be the same. During this time, it is important to find a state of normalcy in mist of so much chaos.  When there is a routine, that we can due habitually, the change around us seems less evident.  Imagine a big fish tank. This fish tank has many different types of fish, plant life and decorations.  For the fish that have made it their home for many years, it is perfect.  A new fish is going to be introduced to this habitat.  What is the first thing that will be done?  We take the new fish and leave it in a bag of the water from the tank it came from, floating on the top of the new tanks water.  Why do we do that?  If the new fish is introduced to that environment, which it has not acclimated to, it could die.  Now imagine you as that fish.  The current state we are living in is the big fish tank, overwhelming and all encompassing.  We are being thrown into this situation causing panic, anxiety, stress, anger and fear. If we have a routine or ritual we do daily, we are now placing ourselves into that bag and allowing ourselves to acclimate.

What is meant by routine or ritual?

The dictionary describes ritual as: a solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. The dictionary describes routine as: a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.

The descriptions of both are the same, a sequence of actions that are followed in the same pattern every time. Using these definitions we can formulate a plan to create a daily ritual to maintain equilibrium during difficult moments in our environment and our lives. 

What you need to create a daily ritual or routine?

1.       The desire to make one.  While reading, I hope that an interest will be sparked to want to make a routine/ritual to help you maintain centered and in balance.

2.       A series of easy to do actions that will create the routine.  It has to be easy and you have to feel that you will not be deprived or that it is too much work to do. 

3.       A feeling of connection to something that you feel drawn to.  This could be something spiritual, such as a deity or god, an energy frequency or even you inner higher self.  This source can be found within you or outside of you, whichever the case, it has to be something that brings you peace when you connect to it. 

4.       This step is not necessary, but it is appreciated.  Find a friend or family member you can do this with.  The reason is 2 fold, to have someone you can talk to regarding changes you are experiencing within yourself and to have someone to hold you accountable.  Think of them as exercise buddies, they will help you exercise your insides more than your outside. 

Setting yourself up…

Now you have made your decision.  You are going to sit on your bed every morning to find your inner peace and connect to the energy within.  For the more religious ones around us, we will be sitting every morning on our beds to commune with God, Our Lady, Buddha, Krishna, etc.  How long would not seem like such a bother? You decide 5 minutes would be enough to feel accomplished and it would work in case you wake up late.  Do you want music in the background to focus on? Yes, so you will have your phone or radio set up to have music play.  Remember that you are trying to make it as easy as possible to get this done.  Now, I know that the typical music are smooth beats that fade in the background, do what brings you joy and what will allow you to stay on task.  Pick a day to start and go for it.  If you discover that sitting in your bed doesn’t work because you fall right back to sleep, get up and get ready for your day.  Before you leave your house or start any tasks, sit and try to center for 5 minutes.  If you forget one day, o well, try it again the next day.  You are trying to form a routine/ritual to keep yourself calm in times of stress; change doesn’t just happen overnight, keep at it. 

I hope that this small tid-bit into my mind can open avenues for you to think, grow and expand.  We are all trying to find our way through this life and we have all been put here to help each other in the process.  If you did find value in my work, follow my webpage to continue to receive articles and insights. If you are around the Chicagoland area and are interested in a session with me, click on the link …   https://square.site/book/STS92ZJ9ZJQ4S/becoming-i-am-elgin-il May our paths cross and when they do, may we both be better for it. Blessed Be.- Zaida Velgara

Verdaderamente trabajan las piedras y los cristales?

Tengo que empezar diciendo que soy un poco parcial cuando se trata del tema de las piedras y los cristales. Soy parcial, porque he encontrado muchos beneficios en usarlos a lo largo de mi vida. Dicho esto, te diré lo que he aprendido y por qué creo que sería beneficioso para cualquiera probarlos.

Piedras a lo largo de la historia

El más antiguo registrado uso de piedras es en forma de amuletos. Se han reportado hallazgos de estos amuletos hace más de 30,000 años, la mayoría de los cuales eran de ámbar. Al comienzo del cristianismo, el uso de amuletos fue prohibido debido a los atributos místicos asociados con ellos. En lugar de usarlo como amuleto, los obispos comenzaron a usar las piedras indicando que hacía que el usuario fuera más agradable y más parecido a los comportamientos de Dios.

Los cristales, que pueden ser una piedra pero más puras y más pulidas, comenzaron a entrar en escena en la época antigua de Sumerian. Durante este tiempo una variedad de piedras, como lapislázuli, turquesa, carnelian, esmeralda, y cuarzo transparente pulida para colocar en la joyería. Las joyas tendrían estas piedras / cristales con el fin de proteger y conservar la salud.

En todo el mundo una piedra/cristal sería atesorada sobre las otras, debido a las propiedades que tenía. Los griegos hacían muchas joyas de cuarzo transparente, que llamaban cristal, debido al hecho que creían que era agua extremadamente congelada. La amatista se usaba para prevenir la embriaguez y las crudas. Hematita, se vuelve de color rojo sangre debido a la oxidación de la piedra, se frotaría sobre el cuerpo para causar invulnerabilidad durante la batalla. Hematita estaba vinculada al Dios de la Guerra. Los pueblos chinos y mexicanos a lo largo de la historia harían amuletos de Jade. Jade como una conexión con los antepasados, se cree que trae curación, protección y buena suerte. Los indios nativos americanos eran bien conocidos por sus joyas de color turquesa, debido a su suerte y propiedades protectoras.  Encontramos muchas formas de evidencia a lo largo de la historia que indicaron la importancia de las piedras y los cristales. 

¿De dónde salió la idea de sanar con piedras/cristales?

Si sólo queremos mirar la historia, podemos ver que se utilizaron desde el principio de los tiempos para las propiedades curativas y protectoras que otorgan. A lo largo de la historia ha habido muchos que están de acuerdo y en desacuerdo con las habilidades de las piedras para ayudar con la salud emocional y física. El movimiento de la Nueva Era que tuvo lugar en la década de 1980 llevó el uso de piedras / cristales a la corriente principal. Gran parte de los usos de las piedras fueron sacados de la historia antigua y canalizados por aquellos que las utilizan. 

Entonces, ¿cómo sé que una piedra es buena para mí?

No todas las piedras se crean iguales y no todas las piedras están destinadas a ti. Al elegir una piedra para ti mismo, es importante comenzar con los que te llaman. Al igual que el perfume o los colores, naturalmente te atraerá lo que podría ayudarte. Por ejemplo, si usted está lastimando emocionalmente, usted puede ser atraído a cuarzo rosa. Una vez que la piedra ha hecho su trabajo, ya no te atraerá o la perderás. Si una piedra no está en la frecuencia correcta, es posible experimentar la negatividad durante su uso. Al igual que las personas con personalidades, las piedras/ cristales tienen diferentes vibraciones que pueden mezclarse bien o causar perturbaciones. Cuando no esté seguro, investigue lo que está usando para asegurarse de que es algo que le servirá para su mayor bien.

Entonces, ¿funciona?

Los cristales/piedras se utilizan como amplificadores de su intención. Un ejemplo que es ampliamente utilizado en los medios de comunicación es el crucifijo. La gente tiene fe en que el crucifijo es una cosa de poder. El crucifijo es un símbolo de fe, fuerza y amor para los que creen. Es las manos de un creyente, puede alejar a los demonios y llevar a su Dios a un lugar. ¡SI CREEN! Si queremos continuar en esa línea de pensamiento, una piedra/cristal tiene el poder de alejar el mal y ayudar a sanar debido a la creencia que le hemos otorgado. Somos los catalizadores para ser la eficacia de las piedras / cristales.

Es más fácil para el ser humano creer que un objeto fuera de sí mismo puede ayudarlos a lo largo de sus vidas. Es por eso que vamos a los médicos para curarnos, vamos a las religiones para salvarnos y usamos amuletos y objetos para ayudar a protegernos. No hay absolutamente nada de malo en tener un poco de fe en algo que nos saque por encima de un obstáculo. Las piedras/cristales pueden ser un recordatorio para nosotros de que tenemos el poder dentro de nosotros para crecer y llegar a ser.

Espero que este pequeño pedazo de mi mente pueda abrir vías para que pienses, crezcas y te expandáis. Todos estamos tratando de encontrar nuestro camino a través de esta vida y todos hemos sido puestos aquí para ayudarnos unos a otros en el proceso. Si encontró valor en mi trabajo, siga mi página web para continuar recibiendo artículos e ideas. Si usted está alrededor del área de Chicagoland y está interesado en una sesión conmigo, haga clic en el enlace… https://square.site/book/STS92ZJ9ZJQ4S/becoming-i-am-elgin-il Que nuestros caminos se crucen y cuando lo hagan, que ambos seamos mejores para ello. Bendito sea.- Zaida Velgara

Do Those Stones Really Work?

I have to start by saying that I am a bit bias when it comes to the topic of stones and crystals.  I am bias, because I have found a lot of benefit in using them throughout my life. That being said, I will tell you what I have learned and why I believe it would be beneficial for anyone to try them out. 

Stones throughout history

The oldest recorded use of stones where in the form of amulets.  There has been reported findings of these amulets over 30,000 years ago, most of which were amber.  In the beginning of Christianity, the use of amulets was banned due to the mystical attributes associated with them.  Instead of using it as an amulet Bishops started to use the stones indicating that it made the wearer more agreeable and closer resembling the behaviors of God.

Crystals, which can be a stone but purer and more polished, started to come into the picture in ancient Sumerian times. During this time a variety of stones, such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald, and clear quartz where polished to place on jewelry.  The jewelry would have these stones/crystals in order to protect and conserve health.

Throughout the world one stone/crystal would be treasured over the others, due to the properties it had.  Greeks would make a lot of jewelry from clear quartz, which they named crystal, due to the fact that they believed it was extremely frozen water. Amethyst was worn to prevent drunkenness and hangovers. Hematite, turns a blood red color due to oxidation of the stone, it would be rubbed over the body to cause invulnerability during battel.  Hematite was linked to the God of War. Chinese and Mexican peoples throughout history would make amulets from Jade.  Jade as a connection to ancestors, it is believed to bring healing, protection and good luck.  Native Indians were well known for their jewelry of turquoise, due to its luck and protective properties.  

We find all forms of evidence throughout history that indicated the importance of stones and crystals.

Where did the idea of healing stones/crystals come from?

If we are just to look at history, we can see that they were used since the beginning of time for the healing and protective properties they bestow. Throughout history there have been many that agree and disagree with the abilities of stones to help with emotional and physical health.  The New Age movement that took place in the 1980’s brought the use of stones/crystals to the main stream. Much of the uses of the stones were taken out of ancient history and channeling by those who use them. 

So how do I know a stone is good for me?

Not all stones are created equal and not all stones are meant for you.  When choosing a stone for yourself, it is important to start with the ones that call to you.  Like perfume or colors, you will naturally be drawn to that which could help you.  For example, if you are hurting emotionally due to a breakup, you can be drawn to pink quartz.  Once the stone has done its job, you won’t be drawn to it anymore or you will lose it.  If a stone is not at the right frequency, it is possible to experience negativity while using it.  Like people with personalities, stones/crystals have different vibrations that can either mix well or cause disturbance.  When unsure, research what you are wearing to assure it is something that will serve you for your greatest good. 

So, does it work?

Crystals/stones are used as amplifiers of your intent.  An example that is widely used in media is the crucifix.  People have faith that the crucifix is a thing of power.  The crucifix is a symbol of faith, strength and love for those who believe.  It the hands of a believer, it can ward away demons and bring their God into a location. IF THEY BELIEVE!  If we are to continue in that line of thinking, a stone/crystal has the power to ward away evil and help heal because of the belief we have bestowed upon it.  We are the catalysts to be effectiveness of the stones/crystals. 

It is easier for the human being to believe that an object outside of themselves can help them throughout their lives. That is why we go to doctors to heal us, we go to religions to save us and we use amulets and objects to help protect us.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a little faith in something to get us over a hurdle.  Stones/crystals can be a reminder to us that we have the power within us to grow and to become.

I hope that this small tid-bit into my mind can open avenues for you to think, grow and expand.  We are all trying to find our way through this life and we have all been put here to help each other in the process.  If you did find value in my work, follow my webpage to continue to receive articles and insights. If you are around the Chicagoland area and are interested in a session with me, click on the link …   https://square.site/book/STS92ZJ9ZJQ4S/becoming-i-am-elgin-il May our paths cross and when they do, may we both be better for it. Blessed Be.- Zaida Velgara