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It’s time to celebrate!  You have the 4 of wands which is all about entering a period of celebration after hard work and struggles.  This card brings so much joy just in the imagery. People dancing and playing music, the happiness is almost palpable.  Why not have some fun?  Haven’t you earned a little time to unwind and just let loose?  You have set your foundation and you are currently standing on solid ground, enjoy what you have created and the work you have put in.  This also includes emotional work, breaking down old though patterns and releasing traumas is not easy.  Give yourself some much needed love.

This is card number 4 which is all about forming foundations.  Trust in the work that you have put in and the decisions that you have made.  Trust that the foundations you have created are solid and true.  Find joy in the knowing everything that you have established up to know is good and solid and you are in a good place in your life. 

 Today’s charm is a starfish.  This is all about renewal and regeneration.  You have created a new you and this rebirth is one to be happy about.  Not everyone would go through the struggles that you have to be where you are, allow your batteries to rechange. 

Hope this message helps you, till the next time,

Zaida Velgara from Becoming I am

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