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The card for today is Moving On.  The image has a man walking into the light holding on to a pocket watch.  This imagery is telling me that you have been stuck in a way of thinking or a situation that doesn’t serve you for a very long time.  It’s time to walk out into the light.  It’s time to move forward and release the things that have been holding you back.

This is card number 6.  The number 6 has the energy of eliminations.  What is blocking your joy?  What is stopping you from moving forward?  It’s time to eliminate that negative thought process and move towards the direction of the things that will bring you into the light. 

Today’s quote is

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. -Cynthia Ozick

Are you taking yourself for granted?  Think about your life and where you came from, you are very different know, why not give yourself the credit for the work you have done?  This also includes holding others accountable to treat you with the appreciation you deserve because of all you do.  If you are not finding that with those that you are around, why are you there?  People will only value the things that are easy to lose and that they know have value.  You are valuable, don’t take yourself for granted!

The sea horse is here to remind you to have a high perception of yourself and your worth.  Stay persistent in your goal to move on and live the life you truly deserve.

Hope this adds light to your day, till the next time

Zaida Velgara from Becoming I Am

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