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The card for today is By the Book. This card is letting you know that today
you are in a great vibration. You are attracting likeminded people that will
help you elevate your frequency and move you past the time of drought. Be open
to the people that encourage you and that are trying to give you sound advice.
They have been placed in your life at this time to move you away from your old
way of thinking and towards the new you.

This is card number 11. The angel message for this card states that you are
evolving into a new expanded version of yourself. You are getting to know
yourself better. Allow yourself to transform and shine.

Two charms that came out for this card were the dolphin and the sea horse.
Both charms speak of having a playful outlook in life and connecting to your
soul tribe. Give yourself patience during this time because it is not a easy
transition. Allow your joyful and friendly self to shine. Though these new
connections your will start to feel more content, save and at peace.

Enjoy the ride, you deserve it. Till next time…

Zaida Velgara Becoming I Am

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