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Today’s card came in reverse, the 7 of Pentacles.  Why are you giving up on your dream?  Normally this card talks about the seeds we plant and tend to towards the dreams we have in the future.  Seeing as this card is in reverse, I can say that your heart is getting frustrated.  You are tires of the grind and all the work you are doing to get ahead and not seeing the reward to your efforts.  It’s hard to keep on keeping on when all you see is the floor because of all the heavy burdens you are carrying.  Remember what they say, it’s always harder at the end of the storm.

Number 7 angel message brings a lit upliftment with this heavy message for today.  The energy of magic is all around you, use that magic to create and to uplift you.  It is easy to focus on the negative when you are in a bad place.  Step away for a little and do something that would make you laugh.  It’s funny how much a break can help. Give yourself one.

The charm today is a swan.  This charm reminds me of the story of the ugly duckling.  Yeah, you are weird and messed up, but you never know if this is causing your transforming.  Swans speak of trust, grace and good luck.  Don’t give up when you know it’s something you have always wanted.  Step away for a while and come back to it when you are in the right head space.

Hope this helps you today, till the next time,

Zaida Velgara From Becoming I Am

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