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What’s on your mind today? Justice!!! You are seeking balance and clarity today.  Why did these things happen to you?  Why do these people treat you this way?  Why am I so scared?  The justice you speak is not only outside of you, but within you.  You are ready to face those shadows and start realizing how the fear of facing yourself and coming to your truth have allowed for your life to unfold as it has.  Good for you, look for that justice, claim your strength, you can do it.

This is card 11 which is a number of expansion.  You are getting to know the real you, what your really want to become.  Taking the steps to expand yourself and your horizons.  It is not easy to do but worth it.

The charm for today is a heart.  This is all about self-love and acceptance.  You are doing this for you and that’s the best person to do things for.  Take the time and check in to your inner self.  Get to know the real you, the one not tied down to anyone’s views or opinions. Go for it, fall in love with yourself.

Hope this helps your today, till the next time,

Zaida Velgara from Becoming I Am

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