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Time for a nap number 24 in reverse:  This card is letting you know that you have been working too hard.  To many people and situations require your attention and you are actively burning your candle at both ends.  If you continue to fill every cup that is placed in front of you, eventually you will end up with no more to give.  Take time to take care of yourself.  You deserve a break. 

While looking at this card I am strongly drawn to the fox.  The fox speaks of people or situations that are trying to take the better of you.  You are being tricked!  Some of the things you are taking care of, can be easily taken can of by someone else.  Some individuals are draining your energy, knowing they can take care of everything themselves.  What is commonly referred to as “energy vampires.”

Continuing this pattern of behavior can cause you to eventually have negative affects on your health. 

2+4=6 and 6 is all about being careful, balanced and to set forth an intention to take care of yourself more.

The owl and flower charm are telling you to think wisely as you look all around you.  Open your eyes to your reality and start to nurture your garden.  Drink enough water, eat right, rest and take on a little less in your life.  It’s time to do you. 

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Zaida Velgara

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