Cards of the day

A new romantic cycle begins. You’re very close to achieving your goal. The combination of these 2 cards is giving a strong message of being really close to obtaining something that will fill your heart.

The fool, is letting you know that once this goal has been obtained it will start a new cycle in your life. This new cycle will, Judgement,will bring a feeling of rebirth. You will feel as though you had never really lived until this moment.

4 of swords, is reminding you to relax and meditate. This relaxation will help recharge your battery and allow you to have the energy to keep creating. Manifestion is a strong use of your energetic field. Your field, must be be recharged in order to continue the manifestion process. To recharge your field you must rest, relax and meditate.

Keep going for your dreams, your so close!

Sending you light and love…… Zaida Velgara

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