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We are starting our week with a POW!!! Right off the bat, we get the card, Dragon– slay the dragons. It’s time to confront things in your life. Face life head on, no one will come to save you.

You are stuck in a karmin wheel and are unable to see that you are. All around you there are smoke in mirrors. These mirrors are your security blankets. They are elements that you have erected in order to continue patterns that no longer serve you. Every once in a while, some might shift, forcing you to face your truth.

It’s time to connect to your spirit self. Breath, ask spirit what you are unwilling to see. What is causing you to feel stuck? What would help you bloom to your truest self?

As you are in a meditative state, allow yourself to see the different perspectives that are coming through. You might not agree with what you are hearing, but listen and write it down. Allow yourself to digest the messages you are receiving. Ask spirit to show you more and to explain what you are receiving. It will help you to see past the fog you are in and break patterns.

It’s funny how much we resist what we hear. The reason we resist, is because we are comfortable with the story we have created. There’s safety in routine and fear in the unknown. If we are unwilling to venture into the unknown we will never obtain the dreams we are striving for.

I send you love and light….. Zaida Velgara

If you would like to learn more about me and my services, explore my webpage… Allow me to expand your life…

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