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Be still and know that I am God (psalm 46:10) As I looked at these cards today, this passage flowed through me. Standstill is the message that divine needs you to know. This message can be interpreted in two forms standstill, in which your life is not having any movement; stand still as to you physically are choosing not to move. One of the options is made to help up absorb the teachings the universe is relaying to us, while the other is caused by an inability to move because of fear. At any rate, I do not see that any situation you are dealing with at the moment will move forward swiftly. It is time to see what this pause is trying to teach you.

The knight of rods is portraying an image of impulse and desire to jump into a situation quickly in order to find a solution. Though the knight is full of energy, it lacks the wisdom and contemplation found in the king. When situations cause you to feel stuck, the universe is trying to make you aware of something that you might be overlooking. There might be a better solution to your problem, if you take advantage of the opportunity given to you.

We all have obligations which cause us to turn on our fight or flight response when our routines become thwarted. Fight or flight might be great when surviving an attack, but it actually hinders our ability to think clearly and process what is actually happening. In the 6 of pentacles, we see the way to remady this situation is through finding balance. If we try to think outside of panic, desperation, frustrations and anger, the right action can be found. Take a moment and breath. Is the situation that terrible? Can the situation be resolved? Do you have anyone or anything around you that can help you find a solution? When the stress hormones caused by this situation calms down, the solution might be right in front of you.

6 of swords tells you that when you have taken the time and moved away from impulsive plans, it will be time to move forward. Your standstill was created to allow you to find your center and create a solution aligned with your true desires. Take advantage of the gift. Pause, breath and stand still allow for your answer to come.

May your life be full of light and love….. Zaida Velgara

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