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Happy March and National woman’s month!!!

Today’s message starts with the card storm every hurricane comes to an end. It is card 44, which I felt greatly drawn to. The angel number 44 represents the need to listen to your inner guidance and your angels for they are helping you see the next steps you should take. Stay on your current path, your inner strength and determination will help you through this time. Storm became the center of this reading because the message represents the shift that due to the clarity of the full moon in virgo. The clarity will continue through the new moon in pieces on the 13th. During this time, you will see what your next steps will be and what no longer serves you. The calm after the storm.

Tree of life and spirit guides are informing you of the universal guidance for this transitional periods. Tree of life tells you to look for activities that will help you ground. Take a walk in nature, watch the sunrise, sit and meditate. When we are in a period of change it’s easy to feel out of balance. If you take the time to center and ground, the decisions you make will be made in a place of love and clarity and not of fear. Spirit guides is taking you back to the beginning, telling you that you are divinely guided and helped. Babies who cry get fed. If you need help ask for it, you will not be getting brownie points for doing things on your own.

Finally, we go to the card presence of absence. There will be times that you will miss “the good old days”. You will miss the people and the experiences that you had. That is completely normal! I recently read something that hit me like a cold tub of water. The problem with knowing, is that the possibility of turning back and having everything stay the same is impossible. You can’t forget what you already know. You can’t help but react to and behave according to the information you’ve acquired. Even though you miss the past, it’s the past, it will never be how it was.

Well my family. March is definitely going to be a time of great change. Embrace it! Give yourself the ability to be renewed and to become a greater version of you.

Sending you light and love….. Zaida Velgara

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