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Hello to you all. Today, two days after the new moon, we find ourselves in the need of balance. New moons are a time of new cycles, at times those new cycles are met with actions and planning. This cycle is one of rest, rebalancing and resetting.

Women supporting women, though this card has a very female aspect, it is actually asking to connect to your female nurturing side. You are being told to find a community of friends and loved ones, to give you support it this reset. Be nurtured and nurture, help other fill their cups and accept the love of others to fill your own.

To help in this time of reset, I pulled a prayer and affirmation card. These cards give you an example or can be the exact words you utter to help you be open to give and receive the healing you need. Know that everything in this world is by choice. We can choose to be the light or choose not to be. We can choose to give and we can choose to receive. Unless the choice is there, it is really difficult to accept the balance our soul is asking for.

Work- I’m now available to receive all who can benefit from my work. Use me to relieve suffering on the planet. May all who need me find me. The divine is my complete source for all prosperity and will provide.

I believe I’m worthy of feeling good.

As always, I pray this message reaches you when you need it the most. I trust that I have made it to better humanity. I send you love and light… Zaida Velgara

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