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Today, we will start on the 5 of cups. Here we see a man with 3 cups of spilled wine and 2 cups upright. The man has the 2 cups but can only seem to notice the spilled cups. The message that I get from this is that of having gone through many trials. You have recently lost a lot, a lot of people and things. Thought you have new things lined up to do you can’t help but have your mind return to all that you have lost.

The king of air, indicates the need to feel balanced. The need to balance your mental and your emotional body. You have to release and end this heaviness. It’s time to move on and to transform this sadness into your strength.

Your guides send the message of inner life. Your inner life is what gives you strength. Your inner life is a garden that has to be tend to and nurtured. These sadnesses are weeds in that inner garden, that are killing all that is trying to grow. When you start to occupy your time with million activities and things, what you are trying to do is ignore the weeds. When you slow down you realize what has grown and become so overwhelmed that you feel depressed or anxious.

Take care of your inner self. Go to a counselor, meditate, seek spiritual guidance, pray, whatever resonates the most with you! This is your life don’t allow a rotten fruit kill the whole garden. Slow down, go within and heal.

Sending you love and light… Zaida Velgara

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